Writing Projects

So, it’s been a while since I’ve talked about my writing.  The last few weeks have been so busy, between work and school, that I haven’t even looked at the short story I’ve been working on.  That means there’s been no progress on the revision, though this was not unexpected

Still, whatever else is going on, this is a blog primarily about writing, after all.  So, even though I’m not yet near finishing work on this short story, I thought I’d talk a little about what I plan to do next, after I finish this story.

You’ve heard talk and blather on about that novel I’ve been writing, but I don’t plan to switch gears to that any time soon.  I keep my idea journal with me, and every once in a while an idea zaps me about some aspect of how I want that novel to go or some aspect of the background, and I write it down there, but in the short term that’s all I plan to do with it.  In the medium term, I’d like to focus some attention on some of the other novel ideas I’ve had lately.

But in the more-or-less near term, what I’d like to do with my career if focus for a time on short stories.  So, job one is finish this story I’m working on.  Then I have a handful of other short stories I can turn my attention to (including, potentially, the one mentioned yesterday).  Two are currently vying for primacy as the next story I will write.  One is a somewhat political story set in a socratically outlandish future.  It wants to be the next story I write because it fears that the issues it addresses will recede in everyone’s memory and cease to be relevant if it is not written soon, and because its about another issue on which I have some rather strong views that I am silently screaming to share.  The other is another contemporary fantasy story that is based loosely on some events that happened in my life several years which, even without the fantasy elements, would normally make a decent story.  This one wants to be written next because it considers itself a more interesting story, is more personal and “real”, will be more fun to write and is probably more publishable than the other.

For the past month, the two stories have been locked in a life-or-death struggle inside the Thunderdome of my mind, and neither as yet has come up with the upper hand.  I’m currently content to let the struggle continue, because I won’t need to know the winner for quite some time yet.  My current thoughts on the issue are that if the somewhat political story gets written first, the other story will still most definitely be written (mostly likely right in queue behind the somewhat political one).  However, the reverse is not necessarily the case: if the personal contemporary fantasy gets written first, there is some chance that the issue being addressed in the somewhat political story will be so far under everyone’s radar (it’s an issue that already almost is under most people’s radars, as I write this) that the story will seem utterly silly and pointless, to such a degree that I might be embarrassed at that point even to write it.

So that is the state of my writing world.  It’s been a pleasure taking a moment to breathe and step away from the myriad projects pounding down my door.  Please do share your thoughts, dear reader, and, as always,

Happy Writing.

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