Last Round with the Final Project Reaper

Today I play the last round of this game I’ve been playing with the Final Project Reaper.  And oh, that Reaper, he will rue the day he met me, for I will show him how this game is played!  Well, that, and of course the rest of my team, too.  Together, we are stronger!

After this, there’s just the take-home Final Exam in one class, and the secondary, off-the-books project that I’m doing as a sort of mini-internship.  And then there’s that other project… the one that involves my assumption of a CEO role: as Dear Wife tells it, I will be CEO of Waste Management.  In other words, I’ll be in charge of the poopy diapers. 

So, wish me luck, and stick around for tomorrow when I post my answer to the latest Weekend Assignment prompt!