A Weekend Walk, AC, and Allergies

Here’s another “day in the life” style post for you guys.  As you no doubt know, it’s Spring in my part of the world.  And Dear Wife and I woke up one fine morning this weekend past and saw how pleasant and sunny it was outside.  Not wanting to waste the opportunity, Dear Wife and I promptly dressed for a morning walk with Shasta.  Shasta loves these sorts of walks.  There are squirrels aplenty, which Shasta imagines she’s capable of catching, if only she weren’t leashed.  She’s a funny dog when she gets into hunting mode.

But the pleasantly cool and sunny morning belied how warm the day would actually get.  We finally had to stop using the heater to keep our house warm, and we were anticipating a pleasant spring during which we required neither heater nor air conditioning. That’s supposed to be one of the benefits of this part of the season.  The winter this year was especially cold, and we racked up some fairly impressive Natural Gas bills heating our little bungalow.  I can’t imagine how expensive it would be for a larger house.  But I was really hoping not to switch into impressive Electricity bills to cool the house.

This weekend really challenged the idea that there would be an extended, pleasant, not-too-hot and not-too-cold season.  In pretty short order it started getting unbearably warm in the house.  We don’t have screens on the windows, so we decided not to open them (lest we be attacked en masse by the hordes of buzzing bumblebees that were throwing themselves fruitlessly against our very closed windows).  Our struggle to hold out against turning on the AC meant relying on fans.

While cooking our Easter Dinner on Sunday evening, though, we finally had to relent, even if only for a few hours.  The steam from a boiling pot of spaetzle (part our official traditional Easter dinner) and the sizzling of sauteed onions and pan-fried chicken schnitzle (part two of our Easter dinner) made the kitchen a steamy jungle on a hot summer day.  There was no fan except the range fan in the kitchen, so ultimately we had no choice.

In the meantime, our weekend walks also forced me to accept another seasonal fact: although allergy season was late in coming this year, it has nonetheless arrived.  Mostly this manifests, for me, as an unbearable itchiness and dryness of the eyes.  During this time of year those who are meeting me for the first time can be forgiven for thinking I’m under the influence of some illicit substance or other.  The bleary, red-eyed look isn’t how I normally appear.  I carry around a bottle of eye-drops religiously at this time of year.  It’s one of the few things that prevent me from clawing my eyes out.

The other symptom is excessive sneezing, but this is somewhat less bothersome.  Sneezing is a year-round problem for me, but it’s heightened during this polleny, blooming time of year.

All told, though, this is a huge improvement over years past.  When I was younger, I faced not only these symptoms twice annually (during both the Spring and Fall seasons), but had a near-constant stuffiness and sore throat as well.  So, I”m grateful for the abatement of those symptoms, at least.

Hope your Spring season is a lovely, allergy-free one.