My Most Popular Posts

Today, another new static page goes live – which means you should now see a new tab at the top, labeled “Popular“.

This isn’t another ongoing project that will require regular updates with new material, like the Magical Lexicon project.  The Popular tab is really just a listing of my most popular posts on this site.  That’s something that may change from time to time, as new traffic trends come and go, but which would not make sense to update or change rapidly.

You see, I told myself quite a long time ago that if I got 20 or more hits to each of 5 individual posts, excluding the About page, that I’d list links to those 5 posts up on a consolidated “Popular Posts” page.  Well, sometime last week we crossed that threshold.  And then we crossed it a couple more times, so that by this week 7 posts had 20 or more unique hits.  So, I posted links to all 7 posts, along with some comments on why I think that post is popular.

I chose to do it this way because most of my hits are to the home page, which is to be expected.  Most viewers are reading the new content as it goes up right on the homepage.  But what an individual hit to a particular post (which WordPress tracks separately) indicates is a specific interest in the content of that post.  This can mean someone wanted to read the comments, or wanted to comment.  Or possibly it means someone did a Google search looking for something related to the content of the post.  Or, least likely of all, someone followed a link to a particular post that someone else had linked to.  Whatever the reason, each of these means suggests that someone was interested in that post, in particular.

And that fact interests me.  I’m curious about what it is I’m writing about that others find so interesting.  So, I put up this page to share that with you.