A Temporary Abatement

I mentioned that the summer has come to an end and that for the next couple weeks I’m actually free of class.  I also said I didn’t know how this would affect the ongoing, intermittent “hiatus” I’ve been on most of the summer: whether I’d be going back to daily posts or not.  After thinking about this for the past couple days, I believe I’m actually going to have to intensify my so-called “hiatus”. Continue reading


Stuff Happens

So, throughout the summer, I’ve been on a bit of what I call a “hiatus” where my posting has been lessened.  Prior to this hiatus, I had a pretty consistent daily posting schedule with only a few interruptions for extenuating events.  But the summer has been one long, extended, extenuating event.

That ends today.

But what I can’t say ends, for sure, is this hiatus.  There’s still too much for me to do to handle it all with equal vigor.

That said, although my summer semester technically ends today, I, of course, write these things ahead of time, and that means that between today and tomorrow, I’m basically taking off with regards to blog posts.  Maybe I’ll be back with a story on Friday… One can only hope 🙂

Hiatus Monday

Yes, it’s Hiatus Monday.  It’s also the “observed” holiday for the Fourth of July here stateside, which means I’m not at work today.

That being the case, where I actually am is probably with family at this very second.  I like being with family.  That probably also means I’ll be incommunicado today.  Have a great one, and enjoy your day off (if, in fact, you have the day off; otherwise enjoy whatever else it is you might be doing today).  See you here tomorrow… same bat-time, same bat-channel!

Hiatus Saturday & Holidays

It’s Hiatus Saturday, today, but I wanted to make note of a couple things:

To my Canadian friends, congratulations on 143 years.  Hope you had a great holiday!

To my USian friends (and including myself) I wish you a happy Fourth of July.

It’s kind of fun that both our patriotic holidays happen within days of each other.

Hiatus Monday

It’s another tequila sunrise, starin’ slowly across the sky, said goodbye…

That’s right, it’s another Hiatus Monday, and so I thought I’d start your day off with a sad song, courtesy of the Eagles.

Every time I write a Hiatus Monday post, I think of this song… in part because the phrase “It’s another Hiatus Monday” slides so easily into “Tequila Sunrise”, and in part because “Tequila Sunrise” is a bit of a sad song, and Hiatus Monday posts are kind of sad posts.  They’re such little things.

Have a great week, see you back here, tomorrow!

Hiatus Saturday

The summer semester is halfway-ish over.  But I suspect that when fall hits, the Hiatus days will still continue, at least for a while, because the extra burden of career planning tasks will not yet be over at that time.

But… though the end is yet a good long way off, there is an end in sight.  Which will make me a happier camper, too.  I’ve noticed a slight drop in my traffic around here since I started these hiatus days.  Fewer days with meaningful content updates means less cool stuff to read means fewer people coming to read it.  Anyway, carry on, dear friends.  Carry on.

Hiatus Monday

Hiatus Monday again, here at Undiscovered Author central.  My first Midterm Exam is tonight!  I hope I’m ready.  Tonight’s test is on Managerial Accounting.

My goal this semester is to get top grades in both classes, and to get on the Dean’s List this semester.  I’ve only done that once so far in my MBA…

To think I graduated from my Undergrad with straight-As.  How the mighty hath fallen…

(I mean that tongue-in-cheek.  I’m at a top University with class of 120 of the smartest people you’d ever meet.  I went to a small, out-of-the-way regional University in rural-ville South in my Undergrad.  The caliber of the schools were wholly different.  It was a decent school, but straight-As there are not the same as straight-As where I am now.)