Projects Out the Ears

My apologies for the shortness of today’s post.  I’ve got projects coming out of my ears over here, and I anticipate that will slowly eat up all of my available free time over the coming weeks.  In Project Management we’ve got a project studying the application of Project Management techniques throughout the classes in our MBA program.  My role will be to try to gather some data to benchmark our findings against other top-rated MBA programs.  In Decision Modeling the project will be to try to develop some decision-support in the form of some kind of model to help MBA students interested in a career change decide what career path to pursue.  That latter project was partly inspired by my own difficulty figuring out what to do with my MBA, career-wise.  My reasoning was that it’s a non-trivial decision, in that the decision will have far-reaching consequences both for me and for my family.  Additionally, it is decision where the right choice isn’t obvious: there are several options, and it’s not clear how they each stack up on my personal preferences.

In addition to these projects, I may be taking on another project, unrelated to class, as a kind of mini-internship.  Basically, if I get picked, I’ll be doing a small project in a field outside my own for another company besides where I work.  My personal goal will be to gain resume-worthy experience.

So, with that stuff going on, I may be making my posts in the coming weeks a little more light-weight.  With luck, the updates here will still be interesting, well-written nuggets.

What probably will suffer is progress on the revision of the short story I’m working on (a progress bar for which you’ll see in the sidebar).  I’m about a third of the way through the short story, revising as I go.  I’ve had to add a little to the story – moreso than what I’ve taken out.  But with projects and things going on, I really need to focus the next few weeks on my classes.

I can set aside work on the short story primarily because I’d already set a deadline out past the end of the semester: June 15.  Since the May period Accelerated Course options this year are all Study Abroad, which I can’t do right now, that means I’ll basically be taking May off.  So once this semester ends, I may have a little more free time to work on the story, finish my revisions, and get it sent off to the first market.  I do say may.  Because as I’ve been sharing throughout my blog, I’m soon to be a father, and sometime between now and then there’s a very good chance that baby B.T. will have joined us.  Once that happens, all bets are off, because I’ll have a new project coming out my ears: helping Dear Wife care for the wee bairn.

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