Stories & Scribblings

On this page, I’ll be keeping a few links to stories and other writings that I’ve penned.  These works will undoubtedly be of varying quality.  To help you discern the quality of the work, I’m offering the following “ratings” and guidelines to allow you to decide what to read.

Age: This is the age I was at when I wrote the piece.  Any two-digit number beginning with a “1”, for instance, was written when I was too young to know how to write.  These items will almost invariably be nigh unreadable.  The idea here is to give the written work a little context.  In works written after the  year 2000, this will be replaced by the Year the work was written in.

Grade: A simple letter grade, like what you received on your written assignments in school, either an A, B, C, D or F.  The meaning should be obvious, with an A representing what I consider to be among my best work – something publishable and actually good.  An F… I don’t think I’ll ever post anything I would consider to be an F.  A grade of D is still embarrassing, but I might post a few to show something of the evolution of my writing.

Draft: Where I have available information, this tells how many drafts or edits the story had before becoming what you see here. So, a Draft of 1 means this is basically straight from my brain to the page.  A Draft of 2 means that there has been some editing done on the story, possibly by an outside editor or possibly by my own internal editor.  A Draft of 3 or more almost certainly means that I’ve received external feedback from at least one source.  This will be omitted on pieces written before 2000, generally.

Wordcount: Obviously, this is a measure of the length of the story.

With that said, here, in alphabetical order, are the stories (this list may expand over time as I post new stories):

  • After the Quest is Done: Year: 2010, Grade: B-, Draft: 1, Wordcount: 1,180  ~  The Quest is at an end, and our hero at last can rest… but what if there’s no home for him to go back to?
  • Bright Hands: Year 2010, Grade: B-, Draft: 1, Wordcount: 935  ~  Taruth, a “brighthand” of the Tabate people, struggles to survive an ambush and reunite with his companions, Konde and Zokele – set in the same world as the story “Shadow Pilgrim”
  • By the Light of the Final Fire: Age: 17, Grade: D-, Draft: 1, Wordcount: 3,010  ~  Yeah, this one is really bad.  It doesn’t really even deserve a summary description.  Read it only if you want to know what not to do when you write a story.
  • The Defender of the Realm:  Year: 2010, Grade: B-, Draft:1, Wordcount: 1,049  ~  Lord Arctus makes it his job to defend the Realm against the goblin menace, but finds he must resort to very dark deeds to do so
  • Dispatch from the Harspston Herald: Year: 2005, Grade: B-, Draft: 2, Wordcount: 1,147  ~  A journalist fresh out of college learns that not all is as it seems in the small town of Harpston, Mississippi
  • From that Eternal Summer Isle: Year: 2010, Grade: B-, Draft: 1, Wordcount: 1,076  ~  Mark didn’t believe in god, or the afterlife… He also didn’t believe he could die, until he did…
  • From the Farthest North: Year: 2010, Grade: B-, Draft: 1, Wordcount: 1,004  ~  An endless winter threatens the village of Holdur Thyul, where the law says that no one can pass the village walls while winter rages
  • Kathryn’s Child: Year: 2010, Grade: B+, Draft: 1, Wordcount: 1,066  ~  Kathryn is a scientist who struggles with the implications of her newest discovery, and what it means for the fate of the universe
  • The Last Flight of the Lord Winstead’s Vigilance: Year: 2010, Grade: C+, Draft: 1, Wordcount: 2,005  ~  The Lord Winstead’s Vigilance patrols the frontiers of the United Principalities of Alberot where they encounter ships from the rival Empire of Markovy
  • Once and Future…: Year: 2010, Grade: B, Draft: 1, Wordcount: 1,788  ~  Rob McGilly was an accounting student in college before an encounter with the most powerful wizard of legend sends him off on a quest to recover the lost Grail, with… unexpected results
  • Self-Destruct Mode: Age: 18, Grade: D+, Draft: 2, Wordcount: 6,343  ~  A scifi “epic” in which Lieutenant Jefferson of the starship U.S.S. “Gaeatyrre” attempts to translate an alien transmission; another not-so-good story written during my High School years
  • Shadow Pilgrim: Year: 2010, grade: B-, Draft: 1, Wordcount: 1,262  ~  Marobi is a shadow pilgrim, a young acolyte hoping to learn the ways of shadow and light in order to help defend his homeland, but he struggles with his own internal demons – set in the same world as Bright Hands
  • Shopping for Snow: Year: 2010, Grade: B-, Draft: 1, Wordcount: 575  ~  A fairytale story that concerns itself with the economics of evil stepmothers
  • The Steed and the Page Boy: Year: 2010, Grade: B+, Draft: 1, Wordcount: 1,266 ~  Two survivors of a terrible battle overcome their fears and anxieties together, and forge a new bond
  • Where it All Began: Year: 2010, Grade: B, Draft: 1, Wordcount: 1,306  ~  A hero returns to his childhood home, the home of his aged mentor, to complete the quest he started so long ago