Who Is the Undiscovered Author?

Hello – and welcome to my blog: The Undiscovered Author.

My name is Stephen Watkins, and I’m a writer.  Writing has been a part of who I am and how I define myself for as long as I can remember. In elementary school, when we had story writing assignments, I always over achieved, writing two or three stories and submitting them all together for a grade. By the time I was in fifth grade, I was already knee-deep into writing my first novel – a hackneyed paean to the favorite author of my childhood, Lloyd Alexander.

The Undiscovered Author is my story. It chronicles my adventures over the years: from a young man, newly wed and just starting grad school to pursue an MBA, to early fatherhood, an attempted reset of my daytime career, all the way through until today – all the while struggling to keep everything in balance and ultimately to make time for my lifelong dream of becoming a published author.

It’s been over ten years since I first started this blog. The world has changed a lot in those ten years – and so have I. I’ve watched my two children grow older: from infants, to toddlers, and onward. I discovered a new passion for board games, and rediscovered my creative impulse for designing games. The company I work for in my daytime career has undergone some radical transformation, and I’ve survived (so far) a major merger and the pending launch of an important new product that has the potential to make or break our company’s fortunes. I faced and survived some extremely challenging health crises. I lost the energy and desire to blog consistently, going fallow for years on end, only to again rediscover it as part of a desire for personal revitalization and re-dedication to my goals. Through all of this one thing has never wavered. I’ve continued to maintain a singular commitment to a vision of myself as an author of fiction.

There is one more thing you should know about me: I am a nerd. You know, the fantasy, science-fictiony, super-heroey kind of nerd. And ultimately, that’s what I hope to write professionally.  The way I see it, though, that’s okay, because I’d be pretty surprised if you hadn’t seen movies like “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, or one of the “Harry Potter” movies? Or maybe “Spider-Man” or “The Dark Knight”? “Star Wars” or anything by Marvel? Even if you hadn’t read any of the books, comics, or graphic novels on which many of these box-office smashes were based, you’re probably familiar with one or more of these marquee franchises. It’s a world of nerds we live in… and I’m one of the good guys.

Join me (if you dare) as I continue this epic journey through life’s foibles, triumphs, and failures always following map and compass toward becoming my best self. With a lot of hard work and an inordinate helping of luck, perchance I’ll achieve that lifelong goal of becoming a published Fantasy author.


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