Reckoning with the Final Project Reaper

By the time you read this, I will have done one final project presentation for this semester (the presentation will have been yesterday). The next one comes up on Monday, and the final write-ups for these projects will be due sometime during the week.  Also, I’ll have  a take-home final exam I’ll be working on over the week as well.

Because of these things you, dear reader, suffer, because this little post is all I have time to write, at the moment.  But when the Final Project Reaper comes around, it’s time to pay his due.  That means you have to give him your time and finish those projects or else he’ll eat your soul.

In other project news, I did get selected to work on that side project I mentioned in my last short post about projects coming out my ears.  I’m excited about that, and I’ll be doing some preliminary planning work for that project this weekend as well.

As for the rest of the weekend, y0u’ve got a Writing Quote coming tomorrow, so we’ll see you then!