Good idea, bad execution

I’m still looking over the story I wrote that I’m hoping to clean up and prepare for sending off to a publisher.

I really didn’t think I was as bad a writer, two years ago, as this draft suggests.  Partly, I think, it’s just the first-draft blues.  I spoke at length yesterday about the challenges of rewriting, and how to inject a little interesting conflict into the story through the early introduction of characters with opposing goals.

Another danger to keep in mind, I’m finding, is twist endings.  My attempt at an interesting twist ending in this story is marred in part by the questionable motivations of some of the antagonist characters in the story.  I had the twist in mind as I originally wrote the story (I had each section of the story briefly outlined prior to writing the first draft), and I ended up backing the characters into a corner to force the twist to work, and in the end the twist doesn’t quite work the way I’d imagined it.

To combat that, I’m going to take a bit of time to do a very short write-up of each character (probably in first person perspective), adding a couple that weren’t present in the original draft to add a bit of drama and spice earlier in the story, so that I better understand each character and their motivations.  This hearkens back to steps 3 and 5 of the “snowflake” method of novel-writing (I’ll elaborate upon that one in a future blog post, but for now, the link will do, I’m sure), but I’ll be doing a little less work on that regard since this is only a short story.

Well, back to work it is.  Happy writing.


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