The Sunday Update

It’s Sunday again, and third full week of “The Undiscovered Author” is now under my belt.  I’ve been able to keep up a daily post schedule this past week, but I fear that’s going to grow more difficult.  The IT department at my job blocked access to my blog.  Prior to that, I was spending a little time during my lunch breaks writing updates in advance, so that I was always at least a day ahead of schedule.  With the weekend, I usually would have to write three entries in advance – Saturday’s, Sunday’s and Monday’s, becuase I’m typically busy with jobs around-the-house during the weekend, and don’t have a lot of free time for writing or maintaining a blog at that time.  Without the ease of access at work to spend my lunch-breaks writing these in advance, that may get more difficult.  It’s hard to say, yet.

I’m going to need to change my workflow a little, then, to accomodate this change in policy at work.  I can still spend some time on my lunch breaks writing, but I’ll have to do so in word documents that I can e-mail to myself to post later.  Regarding the weekend, I was contemplating possibly dropping Sunday entries altogether (I’m a religious sort, and Sunday is a designated day of rest, although I haven’t actually been writing and working on my Blog on Sundays, just the same), or simplifying them to very short, content-lite entries that aren’t particularly subtantive with regards to the theme of this blog.  I’ll be contemplating these options throughout the coming week.

Happy writing.