Week 2 Status Update

So, I’ve been live for two weeks, now.  When I started I made a promise of 250 words per week, minimum.  So far, I’ve written well in excess of that.

But two weeks is a pretty small sample size.  I continue to be committed to the 250 word weekly minimum, but I’m not yet comfortable changing that amount to something higher, even though so far I’ve had no problem doing far more.  I also promised to work on a more consistent and reliable update schedule.  I’m also not yet able to commit to that, as yet.  Ideally, I’d like to post at least a little something every day (which, if I am able to manage that, will probably result in always blowing away the 250-word minimum).  However, I’m not sure I can fully commit to that, yet, given the often hectic schedule I have as a student and as a financial analyst.  My job is often cyclical in nature, as is my education, but the two cycles are not in synch so there are times when the demands of the two conspire to leave me staggering under the weight of all the work that’s due.

I’m attempting to mitigate this to some degree by writing several days in advance.  If I can get that work flow up and running, then I believe I will be able to come back and make that new committment to a daily post.  But as can be seen by a quick glance at my archives, I’ve already left a few open days.  Bear with me as I work through these issues of time constraints to develop a better blog product.