Today and the next few days are some of my last days off before the start of the new semester and, in May, the arrival of our new family member.  And there’s still a thousand things that need to get done.  Consequently, I expect to spend much of today working on some of those things.

The room that will become the nursery was our guest room and, ostensibly, our office.  I say ostensibly because we never got the desktop completely set up in there.  But we did keep several bookcases full of books in that room, and a closet crammed full of everything else we couldn’t fit anywhere else.  Our house is pretty small – two bedrooms, one bath, no storage space – and it was a pretty tight fit before.  So adding a baby means that a lot of things have to go.

I intend to spend some time today boxing up some of those books we intend to keep, and getting those we will not keep cleared out.  If it hasn’t already been done (I am writing this post in advance, so I’m not sure what will already be done before today) I’ll need to post a few things on Craigslist or somewhere else to try to clear out things like the desk and old dresser and bookshelves.  (The desk and dresser are a matching set.)

Over Thanksgiving, my wife and I placed an order for the crib and the baby’s dresser (which doubles as a changing station), and they are matching as well.  Both pieces arrived (with some  help from some local friends), and we’ve assembled the crib, and are still working on the dresser.  It has a few parts that need to be replaced, so it won’t be done immediately, but we still need to make space for those pieces.

Since we’re selling the desk, we’ll also  have to get rid of the desktop.  For now, both of us have laptops, which are easier to store.   One problem we haven’t figured out is where we’ll put the printer.  It doesn’t fit where we initially thought we could stow it, so we’ll have to brainstorm some new ideas.

After a long day of nesting, I hope to be able to spend a little time this evening writing.  However, I also have assignments due for the Leadership Development program I’m in at school, so those will have a higher priority than my story does, at the moment.  My deadline to get this story polished up and sent off is fast approaching.  My new semester starts on January 13th.

While I work on getting things ready for the baby, I hope you are able to make time for a little fun, and a little happy writing.