The Notebook

In my post on Tuesday, I mentioned the need to get a notebook to help me fit time for writing into a busy schedule.  I thought I’d talk a little more about the notebook, its purpose, and the history of the idea.

Of course, as I’m sure you know, I’m far from the first writer to suggest taking around a notebook with you everywhere  you go.  I couldn’t tell you who originated it, but I suspect the idea is nearly as old as paper (or papyrus?).  I first started carrying a notebook during my undergraduate years.  I took a small notebook I’d used to keep a journal for French class, in French of course, in High School and repurposed it.  My thought was that I could write ideas I had related to stories I wanted to write, as soon as I had the ideas so I wouldn’t forget them.

I filled that first notebook, and a second that was stolen when my car was broken into (I don’t think the thief was after the book).  Later, I filled a third, but since starting on my MBA I haven’t been taking one around with me, though I can’t say why I abandoned it.

It was while speaking with my leadership coach about time management and my personal goals that the idea again surfaced.  (During that same conversation the coach suggested that perhaps I might start a blog; since I had already toyed with that idea from discussions with my wife, I decided to go ahead and start it.)

So, now armed with a new notebook, I’m ready to write again.  Next time, I will talk a little more about how I’ve used the notebook in the past and how I plan to use it now.