Writing Month in Review: January 2021

Number of Writing Weeks: 3 out of 5

Total Word Count: 3,985 words

Average Word Count Per Week: 797 words

% of Monthly Word Count Goal: 99.6%

Other Stats: 5 Writing Days

Not a bad start to the year, don’t you think? Not actually 100% on goal, but as close as can be! And considering that I can literally count the number of days I wrote in January on one hand… well, I can’t argue with the final numbers for the month.

The truth is, January was actually kind of a sad month for writing. Literally only 5 days out of 31 that passed did I sit down to write! That’s not ideal. It’s only by chance that I managed to be sufficiently productive when I did write to get so close to my goal for the month.

As for what I’m writing: you may recall (if you follow this blog for more than the last five minutes) that I was debating what to do about the next chapter in my book. Well… I made a decision. I decided to put a pause on the book itself to focus my writing and creative attention on some of the back story. Not that I don’t have literally thousands of words worth of back story already. But I’d written literally almost nothing about the gods and goddesses worshipped by these people, which is an incredible oversight on my part, considering that the clash of different religious ideologies is one of the central themes of the book.

Pretty much the entirety of what I wrote in January are descriptions of some of the different gods and goddesses of the major pantheons of this world. Next will come some of the various customs, rites, festivals, rules, social structure and other trappings of religious systems. Stuff that should give the text of the novel some much needed depth and life. And something for the characters to argue about.

That was January. With any luck, I’ll finish this new back story stuff some time in February or March, then get back to the novel proper. But that means sitting down and, you know, writing. With that in mind, I bid you adieu as I get my fingers cracking that keyboard with some more back story!

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