Writing Progress: Week Ending August 3, 2013

Hey, would you look at that!  I wrote something:

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0 words
  • First Draft Wordcount: 0 words

Story of V:

  • Wordcount: 0 words

Project D:

  • Wordcount: 1,460

Grand Total: 1,460 words

Does this mean that my long drought of non-writing is at an end?  Does this mean I’m back in the saddle?

In a word: No.

In more than one word: I can’t really say that it is, yet.  Too early to tell.  But I suspect for a while to come that my writing progress from week to week will continue to favor “No Writing This Week” more often than not.  While the proximate cause of my long dry spell in writing (i.e. my being the father of a still-mostly-new-to-this-world infant such as whose age is still  measured in months, and especially of such a one as has had an erratic sleep schedule) has noticeably improved, it has not been fully resolved.  To wit: I’m still the father of a something-month-old baby who doesn’t sleep for more than about 4 hours in a single stretch at night (a noticeable improvement overall, especially in terms of this length of time becoming generally (though not always) more consistent and predictable).  Besides the sleep issue, there’s all the other responsibilities one assumes when becoming the father of an infant.  No small commitment of time, that.   So, I’m still generally sleep-deprived and short on free time.

But for last week, at least, I wrote something.  And it felt great!

You might wonder a bit at the thing that I worked on.  It was neither the Short Story that I’d been focusing on (with intent to send off to Writers of the Future or to some other fiction market upon getting through some clean revisions), nor the Steampunk-flavored Post-apocalyptic Epic Fantasy novel.  The latter is still my main long-term project.  The former has morphed, in my mind, into an “epic” short story series, which may yet see multiple short stories set in the same world, with different characters at different times, each a hopefully satisfying read and a complete story on its own, but which ultimately weave together to tell a longer, more cohesive story.  (Time will tell if I can meet that ambition.)

But “Project D” – so named because it is neither a novel nor a short story nor, really, any of those other wordcount-bound sub-classifications of units of fiction.  It’s a personal project, really.  It’s fiction, yes.  Some flavor of fantasy.  And at this juncture I doubt that I will ever make the story public – that is, I do not expect to see this published and available for reading by other people.  (Though I may opt to solicit for feedback from a small number of trusted folks.)  Not to be too evasive about it, but it’s a “book” for one of my children.  (This one is technically for the older of the two.  The younger will undoubtedly get his own book in time.)  As a “book” it’ll probably be very short – no longer than a very long short story.  But I have ideas enough for this to be an ongoing multi-part serial story (again, doubtless, with some cross-over for the expected eventual book for the second child).

I’m strangely excited for this project.  Like I said, my head is just bursting with ideas for it.  I decided to let my imagination go wild and take me where-ever it though to go.  Whether I’m looking at tired tropes or something strange and new and wonderful… Who knows, who cares?  The only person whose opinion will matter, at the end of the day, is the child for whom this story is written.

And so that’s where I am today.  If I write this week again, then maybe there’ll be another update next week.  If not… well… neither you nor I will be surprised.


5 thoughts on “Writing Progress: Week Ending August 3, 2013

  1. Hey, great news. There’s nothing more enjoyable than working on a project that happens to be the one you’re most excited about at that moment, no matter how many people may end up reading it (or not).

    • Well, honesty, in this case I can’t say I’m significantly more excited about one of these over another. But this is the one that requires the least amount of effort and mental energy to get it right…

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