Tidbits of Inspiration: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Some time ago, I posted a link to a tale of a cave expedition (which was, as it turns out, at least partly true).  But today’s “Tidbits of Inspiration” one-ups that interesting tale with something that will inspire both awe and excitement.

I happened across this link that promised news of the discovery of a massive cave complex in Vietnam.  Let’s just say that Vietnam has just risen sharply on my list of must-see places (not that I’ll get to see every place on that list in my lifetime… but this would be an epic trip).

At first I was a little disappointed because the link lead to small pictures and I couldn’t get the full scope of what was being described, but imbedded in the article was a link to National Geographic with larger pictures, and much more awe.

What, pray tell, do those links lead to?  Why, those links will take you on an adventure.  Recall, if you will, the year 1864 – the year in which Jules Verne‘s book, A Journey to the Center of the Earth was released.  You may recall that that book was filled with tales of wonderous things in the interior of the earth’s crust: underground oceans, forests, prehistoric creatures, and all manner of imaginative phenomena.  Now, imagine if you will, that there was some truth to Verne’s claim.

If you allow yourself to imagine that, then you may discover it in Vietnam’s mammoth Hang Son Doong cave complex: the world’s largest cave, with a cavernous passage large enough to fill a city block of skyscrapers, and replete with a populated underground jungle, a massive underground river (making the cave untraversable in the wet season but a glorious site to behold in the dry), and enough sheer WOW factor to inspire a brand new generation of writers, if these pictures are any indication. 

So head on over to National Geographic for your daily dose of “WOW” and today’s “Tidbits of Inspiration”.  And be sure to check out the Interactive “Path of a River Cave” that maps out the expedition.  I promise you this: you won’t be sorry you did…

6 thoughts on “Tidbits of Inspiration: Journey to the Center of the Earth

    • Agreed, those pics were great. Also check out, if you have time, the “Related Link” at the top of the Nat. Geographic photospread; these’ll take you to a series of photos on a cave filled with giant (we’re talking 30-foot-long giant) crystals in Mexico. Further inspiration of the cavey-sort.

      • Shoot! I just blew my cover 😦 Other blog is now relegated to occasional updates. I used to run an online store, but doing both is too much work (esp with day job). And yup! Nothing to do with writing LOL but if you want to know what I cooked for dinner that’s the place to go. Um yeah, probably not that interesting to the writing crowd.

      • I guess we all have multiple interests – even we writers! But I do suppose that the question of what you made for dinner is probably of more interest to another type of crowd…

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