Sundry Stories & Links

Because of the way things are for the next few weeks… today’s post is a bit on the content-free side.  Rather than me talking about interesting and cool things and you being compelled to reply to my thoughts in the comments, I’ll offer a short dose of links:

First, have you, dear reader, read and commented on some of my recent “flash” stories I’ve posted here.  If not… know that I crave comments – even negative criticism is helpful and useful to me as a writer (especially if I plan to take any of these and polish them into perfect little gems).  Therefore, go and read, if you have not already, these recent stories:

After the Quest is Done: The quest of Cadoc the Paladin is at an end, and the hero at last can rest… But what if he has no home to return to?

From that Eternal Summer Isle: Mark didn’t believe in god, or the afterlife… He also didn’t believe he could die, until he did…

The Steed and the Page Boy: In the aftermath of a terrible battle, two survivors find hope in each other – while the title leaves something to be desired, I happen to think this is one of the better stories I’ve posted here.

Okay… so now that you’ve sampled a few stories I have to offer here, I invite you to go and read the stories of others:

Dragon Shells: Aidan Fritz nominated me for the “One Lovely Blogger” award, and penned this dragon-inspired tale as a result: a knight and a priest prepare to infiltrate the dragon’s layer, seeking a treasure more precious than gold to save their ailing queen.

Glass Half-empty: T.S. Bazelli’s 3-part Steampunk Noir crossover flash miniseries magnum opus: Detective Claude Russo is engaged by an unexpected client to investigate the dalliances of the preternaturally handsome Duke Elroy, who will soon be holding a masked ball on his airship!

Red: Another Bazelli favorite.  Here’s the part of Red Riding Hood’s story that they didn’t tell you in grade-school… Rosalyn knows her father won’t accept her love for Tom… but there has to be a way for them to be together.

A Gift for Mother: The last of the Bazelli links for today, a sci-fi with a very human heart: Simon has always been cared for by Mother, the central computer on a ship hurtling through space…

The End of an Endless Ladder: J.P. Cabit tells a tale of yearning for something more: There’s a ladder that stretches from the Moon to the Earth… it hasn’t been used in ages.  But what really lies at its other end?

Happy Birthday, Facebook Friend: Eric J. Krause tells a creepy tale for a digital age: Crystal only recently started using Facebook, and now she’s started receiving strangely personal posts from someone she doesn’t remember friending.

Bite: Harry Markov takes on a classic fairy-tale: Snow White awakens at the “kiss” of her prince to a world that’s very unlike the one she lived in before the apple.

The Defeated: Melissa Webb weaves patriotism and zombies in this surreal tale: “America never dies…”

May I Come In: Another by Melissa Webb, about the stories grandfathers tell: Tom doesn’t believe the story grandpa spins about knocking before entering…

And that’s all for today.  There are many more great little flash snippets out there on the old internets, but I’ve not  had time to read them all nor to dig them up and link them here.  In the meantime: enjoy.