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I’ve noticed I’ve gotten a couple comments in my comment queue that look like ordinary comment posts, at first glance, but which on closer inspection appeared to be spam.  So I thought it might be prudent to lay down a comment posting and spam policy for the site.

Here’s the deal: I like and encourage comments.  I even don’t mind negative comments directed against myself (though I will not tolerate such directed at other visitors to my site) or that disagree with me.  Ideally, I’d like to be able to interact with my readers, here.

However, if your comment contains no meaningful content related to the post or page to which it is attached, or which advances the discussion, and I notice some bizarre links in your comment – and especially if the the Spam Filter catches your comment – I will be ruthless.  That means, more than likely, I will outright delete your comment.  In rare cases when I am uncertain, I may approve your comment or leave your comment up, but delete the links.  So, if you find your comment altered or if it does not appear at all, or is later deleted, and you believe this was done in error, contact me and I’ll try to correct it.  To do this, submit a comment on this page with a description of your issue.  Periodically I’ll check the comments here (and delete them once the issues have been resolved).

Finally, one more rule.  No profanity.  I want to keep this site relatively “family-friendly”, and to do this, I want to keep the language clean.  Besides, I don’t feel it’s really possible to have a meaningful discourse if it’s also profanity-laced.  If in doubt about the language, use your best judgment, and answer this question: Would I want you to use that language around my baby?  Simple.

Other than that, please, comment away!  I have a certain “Freedom of Speech” idealism (within the limits detailed above) that I feel makes it important to be as encouraging of your comments as possible.

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. I was higly amused(indeed, I positively guffawed) at your tentative description of my blog, which you have kindly added to your blog roll. Thanks for both the giggle and the addition.
    I too started writing very young: first novel completed at ten etc etc. I enjoy reading some fantasy but my criteria for liking it are vague and inconsistent. I’ve not written sci-fi or fantasy since I almost won a serious prize aged 11 with a sci fi story and messed it up trying to write it up in besthandwriting(before computers and we weren’t allowed typerwriters) ran out of time and shortened it. Highly commended just doesn’t cut the mustard. I do write some bordering-on-fantaay-but-not-quite you can find in my short stories section.
    Oh and I updated my about page. The old one was too less-is-more for current function.
    good luck. When is the baby due?

    • Today’s post should clear that up (i.e. arrival date is now past tense).

      I realize, of course, that not everyone is into fantasy and sci-fi. It’s my thing, and what I write almost exclusively, and ultimately that’s what I’m about here, but I try to be as interesting, generally, as possible.

      If my description of your blog isn’t accurate, I can of course change it. Let me know.

  2. I found your blog through a comment on Lua Fowles’ site. You commented on her latest post about honesty in writing and I had to check out your site. You see, I’ve felt all alone in my mission to avoid profanity in my novels, because it’s often not necessary. People look at me like I’m nuts. I was shocked to see that someone else was engaged in the same (perhaps losing?) battle.

    I read your about me and just wanted to wish you luck on fatherhood and your publishing journey…SO, good luck!

    • Thanks. Yes, I think it’s a real problem that we writers should engage with and grapple head-on. It’s the old life-imitates-art-imitates-life circular continuity. When we write about things, is it necessary to accurately reflect our reality? And in doing so, do we implicitly condone, or even contribute to the less savory aspects of that reality (in this case, the use of profanity). For myself, I’ve drawn a line. There are certain words I feel acceptable to use. And there are certain words that I don’t. As you say, some words it’s just not necessary to use. And if I can replace the most coarse words of our language with something a little toned-down but which toes-the-line, so to speak, I feel okay about myself, and I don’t feel quite so dishonest in my work. Thanks for dropping by! I’ll have to check out your site as well.

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  4. I help edit an emagazine about Fantasy fiction, and I’d like you to write a steampunk-trope oriented non-fiction article for us. Please send me an email as soon as possible, if you’re interested. If not, please let me know if you know any author who might be.


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