Writing Months in Review: March & April 2021

Number of Writing Weeks: 5 out of 8

Total Word Count: 10,407 words

Average Word Count Per Week: 2,390 words (March) vs. 212 (April)

% of Monthly Word Count Goal: 239.0% (March) vs. 21.2% (April)

Other Stats: 18 Writing Days

A Tale of Two Writing Months

It was the best of writing months. It was the worst of writing months. It was the epoch of great productivity. It was the epoch of great writer’s block. It’s weird because in the end these two months end up averaging out to something more or less just an edge better than “meh”. Which is to say that despite basically not writing at all for the entire month of April, still come out ahead of my monthly word count goals year-to-date. There’s just one teensy little caveat.

You see, despite writing more than two month’s worth of word count in March… I didn’t write a word of fiction. Nothing in my novel. Nothing in my worldbuilding and background notes. It was all, 100%, game design writing.

That’s just what I felt the desire to write, anyway. I was feeling mildly blocked with the worldbuilding stuff, and the game design stuff was just calling to me fiercely. It was the path of least resistance, and I just ran down that path like an Olympic sprinter. Well, at least, more like an Olympic sprinter than my usual writing speed.

April was another story. Physical exhaustion and other complications set in, and I started to feel blocked with the game design efforts, and I just didn’t have neither the time nor the energy to push through the two blocks. So both works sat fallow for pretty much the whole month.

Things are getting a little better so far in May. And the good news for my novel: I started to find my voice again, and started filling up my worldbuilding notes with more of the details that I’m going to need for the upcoming scenes in the novel. On the other hand, with respect to the game design efforts, I’m still more blocked than not. Plus, it’s at a stage where I need to figure out some game mechanisms and think about the moving parts and how not to make it all so complicated that it’s unplayable. Streamline, streamline, streamline. Still, both efforts have a long, long, long way to go.

I just can’t think about that part. That way lies worry and fretting and depression, and that’s not good for the word count. Sure, yes, it’s going to take me years to finish either or both of these two projects. That’s just reality. But I can’t dwell on it. I just have to keep pushing ahead the best I know how.

So the plan going forward? I want to make meaningful progress on both these projects. But instead of going full steam on one then hitting a block and switching to the other, I’m going to start proactively switching between the two projects periodically. A day or two writing stuff for the novel. A day or two writing stuff for the game. That way I start to feel like I’m making progress on both projects. And that will make me a happy writer.

That’s all there is to say for now. Time to get back to writing.

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