Writing Month in Review: September 2020

Number of Writing Weeks: 4 out of 4

Total Word Count: 13,395 words

Average Word Count Per Week: 3,349 words

% of Monthly Word Count Goal: 670%

Other Stats: 3 Writing Days per Week; 37,370 words year-to-date; 199% of Annual Goal

Well, would you just look at those stats! You’re not seeing things. I actually and truly wrote over 13 thousand words in September, averaging over 3 thousand per week. September was a legit writing month for me!

Out of a monthly goal of 2,000 words I more than sextupled it. How did this happen? Well, thing one: I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my dear, wonderful wife. She’s always been super supportive of my writing, but she really went above-and-beyond this month in making sure I had the time and space to write. I can’t thank her enough. And thing two: it helps that I’m feeling so energized and engaged with the story. Not saying that the part of the story that came before was boring – far from it – but there’s a myriad of factors that are really pulling me into the story and feeding the energy to be productive. Right now I feel positively driven to write, to keep going as often as feasibly possible.

Last month I was in a pretty nebulous place – feeling simultaneously in despair that I’d ever finish this book and determined that I must and will, come what may. This month, the energy I felt from that latter sentiment has been amplified. I’m absolutely committed to getting this story out of my head, out of my notes, and onto the screen.

And you know what? In one month I produced more than half my total word count goal for the whole year. I blew past my annual goal so thoroughly that it’s choking on the dust of my passing. I went so far and so fast that I haven’t even had the time to reconsider my goals for the year and set up a new, stretchier goal for myself… For that matter, in the Google Sheet I built where I track my writing productivity, I simply never contemplated such a potentiality, and there isn’t really a way for me to easily update my goal for the remainder of the year…

Furthermore… let’s say I can only sustain half the rate of productivity I had in September, going forward. Over 6,000 words per month – triple the monthly goal I’d been working with so far – if I can sustain that rate month-after-month (and I’m optimistic that I can, now) then I’m looking at writing “The End” not in six or seven years, as I earlier estimated, but in two or three years. That starts to feel real, not like something that will never happen, but something that’s legitimately within reach.

Last month I said that once I beat my annual goal, I’d be adjusting my goal in 2,000-word stretches. Pocket change, that is, now. I’m over 37-thousand words for the year, now. That’s over 6 new 2,000-word stretch goals. My goal planning can’t keep up with that. So I clearly need to “go big or go home” as it were.

My new goal for 2020: beat 48-thousand words. That’s double my original goal for the year. But with September as my guide, it’s totally doable. i only need just under 11,000 more words to beat it – approximately 3,500 words per month remaining in the year. That’s small fries compared to September, so I’m literally splitting the difference between going truly ambitious and cutting myself a little slack here. Seems fair to me.

Can I do it? Yes I can!

See you here again, next month – in which I shall hopefully be reporting some great new progress toward my revised 2020 goal!

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