Lunchbox Napkin Art Day 7: Roger Roger Robot


Like any right-thinking boy, B.T. thinks robots are pretty cool.  Unfortunately, as young as he is, he doesn’t yet understand that the robots are poised soon to revolt and overthrow the dominion of man, becoming our new and implacable overlords.

But, hey, until the coming day of the bloody robot coup, robots are still pretty cool!

This vintage-inspired robot (with design elements cribbed from Robby the Robot, B-9 from Lost in Space, and Johnny-5) comes flanked by some Star Wars Lego robots that B.T. built yesterday.  B.T. has yet to see any of the Star Wars movies – I’m waiting until he’s just the right age to fully appreciate them – but even without having seen them he intrinsically understands that Star Wars sits at a rare pinnacle of awesome.  I just can’t wait until he finds out that Darth Vader is Luke’s father.

(Oh, yes… of course, as a proper Star Wars-loving father, my children will be introduced to these movies in the proper order: Episodes IV, V, and VI first, followed by Eps I – III.  When they’re a little older we can have long discussions about the flaws and plot holes left by the poorly-scripted and too-often poorly-cast prequels.  But first, I’ll let them enjoy the prequels, only after they’ve first enjoyed the originals.)

So, anyway, yeah… Robots!  Or Droids, if you prefer.

(Alternate titles for today’s post included “These Are the Droids You’re Looking For” and “Danger Will Robinson”.)