Lunchbox Napkin Art Day 5: Way Down Deep


B.T. has a lot of favorite books among which one ought to count “Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea”, in which a young boy dives deep into the ocean and interacts with various sea creatures as he swims to the bottom where he retrieves some sunken pirate treasure for his mommy before being chased to the surface by a shark. The twist: he was taking a bath the whole time, using his imagination, and the sea creatures were his bath toys. It’s a fun kids’ book.

More recently he’s gotten into a game on his new mini tablet, as well as a related show, featuring cartoonified mer-kids and a merdog called Bubble Puppy (the dog’s name, not the show; I don’t know what the show is called).

So, I thought an undersea theme featuring some merpeople might go over well with him. Maybe it’ll go over well with you guys, too.

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