Lunchbox Napkin Art: Day 2 -A Dark Fairy Forest


BT is at nature camp this week, and that made me think about trees, and woods, and forests.  So inspired, I scribbled this hoping to similarly inspire him to look a little closer when he’s out in nature, and maybe find a little magic there.

Lunchbox Napkin Art: Day 1


So Dear Wife and I trade off on drawing little doodles on a napkin that goes in BT’s lunch box.

Did I mention yet that BT is in kindergarten this year?  No?  Well, BT is in kindergarten this year.

He takes a lunch box every day.  We give him a napkin to go with.  Dear Wife started doing doodles and art on said napkin.  I later joined in the fun.  And here we are.

This is not my first napkin rodeo.  Some of mine have been pretty good (for a five minute doodle on a napkin by a guy who hasn’t done art seriously or consistently for years), and Dear Wife had convinced your humble host that they are blog-worthy.  This is not my best work, but it’s the first after I decided to take her up on the idea.

Most napkins I post here won’t have so much commentary.  I just wanted to provide some context for this little side trip.

BT is doing camp this week since regular school is still out for “winter” holidays.  (Scare quotes because global warming is telling us it’s already spring here. We’ve literally had to turn on the A.C. to stay comfortable.  Years we’re cranking the heat.) So, my doodle is of a young scout at camp.  I intentionally made the head extra-round for mostly unsuccessful stylistic reasons.