I Wrote Some Things!

Hey, look at that progress bar!  Over there, to the right —————–>

(Okay, no, no, wait.  Over to the right and scroll down just a teensy weensy bit.  There.  There red line.  Do you see it now?)

I hadn’t updated it in a while.  But look what it says, now.  I’m past the one-quarter mark on “Book of M”.  I’ve actually written stuff this year.

Still, of course, a long, long, long way to go, considering I officially began work on the first draft over three years ago.  (I first recorded a wordcount update on the first draft of Book of M in early March of 2012 – and that only after another year spent in outlining and worldbuilding.)

In total this year, I’ve written some 12,800 words in “Book of M”.  If my current rate continues for the remainder of the year, I should be able to finish an additional 9,000 words by the end of the year.  If that holds true, and I top out over 57,000 words complete on Book of M, of which some 38%, or slightly over a third of the total wordcount for the book will have been written in 2015.

All of which means, basically, if you crunch the numbers and do the math that at my current rate of development it should only take me… let’s see… {divide by this… carry the one… multiply that here… }

Yes… that’s it.  It should only take me another… 6 and a half years to finish writing the first draft of this book.

Why did I run those numbers?  I think I was happier not knowing how much more I had to go…

9 thoughts on “I Wrote Some Things!

  1. Yeah, don’t run the numbers. As Han Solo teaches us:

    Seriously, being, I think, somewhat older than you (60), I can tell you that writing is one of the things that gets better with age.

    (Some other things, not so much. 🙂 )

    • Good ole Han Solo. Hey, what are the odds that theater audiences cheer when he first shows up on screen in Episode VII? (I suppose they probably did when the trailer was screened before live audiences.)

      And yes, I am rather more than just a little younger than you. Which is not the same as being young.

      Did I mention anywhere that my oldest just started Kindergarten?

    • Indeed. I laid down another 500 words last night! And I’m jazzed to lay down some more as soon as I have another chance (which may or may not be tonight).

      And if it takes me another 6 years, so be it. I will finish this book. And then, I will start a new book.

  2. Props to your level of dedication, but, with all due respect, and I am not a published writer yet so could be wrong, on the podcast “Writing Excuses” with Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, and others, they warned people of too much world building when it delays your writing excessively. Perhaps you don’t think it’s excessive and maybe it is absolutely necessary, and in that case… Carry along. Good job though!

    • I’m familiar with that advice, and I believe it’s generally true. And there’s a non-negligible chance that this is what is happening to me. But for me, I think the problem is more finding (and taking) more time and opportunities to write. Without consulting my tracking stats I’d say I wrote only about twenty-five weeks this year. Most weeks when I did write, I did so only a couple of nights in the week, an hour or two each time. Net net… I didn’t really spend a lot of time writing in 2015. That’s more to blame for my slow progress than my occasional detours into worldbuilding.

      • I hear you. Sometimes it’s hard to find time. I think I have the opposite problem though. Unfortunately, my first time writing I wrote purely in discovery mode. No planning our anything and epicly failed, for obvious reasons, so now, which is what my blog is about, I am truly exploring the writing process in its entirety and hopefully I will succeed one day. I like your drive though. I wish I had it myself.

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