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It’s been quiet around here, hasn’t it?  Almost dead quiet.

Zombie Apocalypse by Pascal

Zombie Apocalypse?


Don’t worry, I’m fine.  I wasn’t eaten by zombies.

(All 1.7 of you who read my blog, and were worried that I hadn’t updated in months, can breathe a sigh of relief.  Oh, who’m I kidding?  I can read the stats; the only real traffic I’m getting is from mixed-up Google searches.)

I just haven’t had much time for blogging lately, between work and life, including my ongoing project to be a good husband and father, and a responsible home-owner.  I’ve also sort of rediscovered the time-sink that is television.  I still limit my TV watching, but there are a handful of shows I’m actually following. I have had writing time this year, but when that time has come along I’ve strongly, very strongly, preferred spending that time writing fiction over blogging. I’ve written better than twice us much fiction this year so far as I did last year at this time.  So that’s good.  All of the fiction for this year so far has been on my Book of M novel project.  I’m over 42,000 words total on the novel to date.  So I feel good about that.

I never got around to expounding on my goals for the year.  Just didn’t have time to go in depth on them.  Suffice to say, I have reading goals (which I’m not worried about beating, because I’ve done great in meeting my reading goals for the past several years), and I have writing goals.  If I meet my writing goals for the year, the novel will be brushing up against 60,000-ish words, unless I take time out for another short story or two.  Right now I’m focused on the novel.

If I’m able to, I’ll try to start dropping a line every week or two to share my recent wordcount.  I probably won’t have any commentary or anything interesting to say about it.  Just “hey, I wrote x words this week”.  If even more time allows, I have ambitions of writing a couple more thinky-interesting F&SF-topical pieces or somesuch this year, but those ambitions are moderated by a continued strong preference for fiction-writing over blogging.

See you around the blogosphere!

Image Source: “Zombie Apocalypse” by Pascal (CC0 Public Domain)