Non-Writing Update: Week Ending April 27, 2013

And thus endeth the seventh consecutive week, and the thirteenth overall this year (out of a total of seventeen weeks so far) in which I had not the slightest time for writing.

I would normally expect to revisit my goals for the year sometime in late June or early July.  But by next week I’ll have exhausted my propsed 14-week allotment of writing-free weeks for the year, with only a third of the year gone.  It is self-evident, at this point, that I will not be coming anywhere close to my writing goals for the year.  That’s how things go.  I can whine and make excuses – and I usually do – but at the end of the day it comes down to this: I basically don’t have anything like “free time”.  (When I went to JordanCon last weekend, I was living on borrowed time.  That sort of thing is an extremely rare event these days.  I owe Dear Wife a day or two out on her own while I manage the little guys, and I owe her a huge debt of gratitude.) 

Given that I have no true free time, the time that I do have is almost entirely consumed by things that have higher priority and greater claim on me than my writing which, as important as it is to me, does not feed anyone and, heck, doesn’t even bring in date money.  So yeah: Day job, taking care of B.T. and V.R., trying (and sometimes failing) to be a good husband and father, trying (and sometimes failing) to be responsible around the house.  These are the things that take all of my time, lately.  Heck, it’s been well over a week since I even read anything for enjoyment.

Still, I’ve got no way to even guess how things will go as the year progresses, in terms of my available time and the demands thereon.  So there’s no point in revisiting those goals, yet.  Suffice to say that I’m hard into the process of stomping the broken pieces of my 2013 goals into a fine, powdery dust.  Maybe I’ll make something useful out of the debris for next year?

This week one of the new things on my plate was a return of some Home Project stuff.  (Did I mention, before, that Home Projects are basically a never-ending cycle of stuff that needs doing.)  Two things are currently on the collective plate of Dear Wife and I: first, we’re starting work on turning what used to be a laundry closet (complete with washer and dryer hookups) into an honest-to-goodness pantry.  The washing machine and dryer are elsewhere, and this closet immediately adjoins the kitchen.  And we need a pantry.

We’ve been using the space as a pantry already, but it’s all very ad-hoc and not very conducive for that use.  We’re not using the space very efficiently.  There’s some dry-wall to patch up, some old and not-space-efficient shelves to pull out, painting to do and new shelves to put in.  I’m not the world’s handiest man, so this all sounds very daunting to me. (Note: As of this writing, one of the more daunting tasks in the pantry job has been done; Dear Wife and I successfully removed the old cabinetry, making space for the new shelves to go in.  Drywall repair comes next.)

Second, pursuant to a relatively recent natal anniversary of mine, I was endowed with the capacity to acquire a permanent display case for my “collection”.  By which I mean, I spent a goodly chunk of the weekend getting my hands on a pair of bookshelf units which will soon be the home for all of my books.  I’m not a true book-hoarder, but I’ve got a good few books lying around in different places.  Some are stashed under my bed, some are boxed up and stored away, some sitting on my nightstand, and so on.  Some are in a pile waiting to be sorted and prioritized, which arrived as part of the festivities related to the aforementioned natal anniversary, to whit: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin, Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed, a Prydain Chronicles companion/encyclopedia, and the original novelizations of the original Star Wars movies.  That adds to my pile of unread books that I physically have on hand – though the first three books were already on my wish and reading lists.

The bookshelves are going in what is going to be (for now) the combination Office & Craft Room.  There’s a bit of work to do there, too: painting, obtaining a desk (and chair), filing everything important that needs to be filed, and so on.  Also daunting. 

I’m happy to (eventually) be getting an office.  Someday, I may even be able to use it.  The theory is Dear Wife and I can both spend time in there together, she working on various crafts, and I in my writing.  But we’re a very long way from that second part being viable.  Still, it’s exciting.

So that’s how my week went.  In the comments, if you dare, tell us about how things are with you.