A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to attend JordanCon, which is the nearest-to-me and most affordable convention focused on speculative fiction literature (in this case, specifically on the writings of the late Robert Jordan and other like-minded fantasists, of course). 

I couldn’t go last year, for reasons varied and not necessary to detail.

But this year, through the magic of magic… I’ll be there again.

So yeah, if you happen to sometimes read this blog and happen to be going to JordanCon 2013… drop me a line and say hello.

If we  haven’t previously met in person… well… I look roughly like the guy who’s picture appears on my twitter profile.  (It’s me.)

(Okay, you got me.  It’s me like 4 years ago.)

6 thoughts on “Con-Bound

    • Some day… If I get really published, I’ll have to think seriously about springing for a genuine pro-grade headshot. But today is not that day…

      (I did think this post by Mary Robinette Kowal makes a good case for a current head-shot, if you’re actually getting published. I might this this advice would be equally useful for self-publishers.)

      This is only the second time I’ll ever have attended a convetion like this – and it only works for me because I don’t have to spring for travel expenses.

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