Non-Writing Update: Week Ending March 30, 2013

Yes, I did no writing last week.  Again.  So, starting this week, and continuing until I’m actually writing with something that I consider regularity again… I’m going to forego my weekly writing updates.  I’m taking the stance suggested by T.S. Bazelli in response to my last weekly update: I’m a writer on sabbatical

But I don’t want you to think I’ve dropped off the internet, or whatever.  I’m on sabbatical from my fiction writing, but I’m still going to try to keep up the blogging – if I drop it now, I’ll lose the few readers I do have (all five of you).  Hey, it took me like 3 years of regular blogging to build up a readership of 5-ish folks.  I’d rather not go back to square-one and start from scratch, nor throw another shrimp on the barbie, or pack another cliche into this sentence.  So I’ll be back each week if nothing else at least with a short note letting you all know what’s up in life.  (Longer and more interesting posts will still be infrequent, based on when I can find the time to write them.)

Last week?  Mostly, more of the same.  But thanks to the magic of Dear Wife, we did have a family movie night on Friday.  We – all 4.5 of us – snuggled up together (the dog curled up at our feet), ate our dinner on the couch, and watched Finding Nemo.  Well, three of us watched Finding Nemo.  V.R.’s eyesight doesn’t extend the distance from the couch to the TV, yet.  And Shasta doesn’t really get TV. 

I am happy to report that Finding Nemo still holds up as a fun movie-watching experience all these years later.  We had a great time, and felt like a normal family with actual free time to do actual fun things.

Everything else continues busy unabated.  But I look forward to a few more occasions of tentative relaxation in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Non-Writing Update: Week Ending March 30, 2013

    • Heh. I use 5 (as well as the phrase “count on one hand”) as a semi-ironic (and somewhat self-deprecating) shorthand for “not very many”. While technically the number may be more than 5 (I honestly can’t be sure, add I’ve never actually counted the nunnery of people who comment regularly) I think “not very many” if indisputably true… As for my anxiety… Maybe this helps a little, but not much. Whether I talk about my writing or not, I still know I’m not writing, and I don’t enjoy that fact about myself. Which is party of why I need to talk about other things, now, because I need to focus my attention on the good things I have going.

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