Auld Lang Syne

Well, it’s 2013 now, and the old year has passed away.  That means it’s the time of introspection, reflection, and thinking about goals, plans and dreams.  So I’ll be getting to those posts in the next couple weeks, as I find the time.

But first, it’s become something of a blogging tradition, for me, to talk about how my Christmas Holiday went, what I got and what I did.

As with last year, I didn’t get a lot this year that was writing-related, which is fine.  I didn’t get any new games this year (neither of the tabletop variety nor of the video or computer varieties).  Last year I got two new Zelda games, and I’m still working my way through the first of those two games.  (As I mentioned then, I learned pretty quickly to ration my video-gaming time in order to make time for writing.)  Given that basic fact, I wasn’t hoping for nor expecting any new games this year (and told Dear Wife as much before the holidays).  On the other hand, I was hoping for both books and music.  On the books front I got a paperback box set of the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull.  I’m already about a quarter of the way into the first book of the series.  It’s light reading, Middle-Grades or YA stuff, but it’s fun and entertaining so far.  (And it was the perfect palette-cleanser after the book I’d just finished, but I’ll talk about that next time when I do my 2012 Year-in-Reading Review.)

Music-wise I got a few new soundtracks: the Danny Elfman “Batman” soundtrack (which created what is, for me, the sound of Batman, the excellent Christopher Nolan movies notwithstanding), and the “Superman Returns” soundtrack (which wisely, in my opinion, is built around the main Superman theme originally written by John Williams), the “Gladiator” soundtrack (which is a great sound for writing to) and to my utter delight the new “Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” soundtrack.  (Last year I gushed all over the trailer for the Hobbit movie, which I have seen and greatly enjoyed… and ever since then I haven’t been able to get the Lament of the Dwarves out of my head.)

Little B.T. has been at least as big a fan of the soundtracks as I have, though his top two preferences are for the “Superman Returns” and “Batman” soundtracks.  He asks for them almost every day.  As for why?  Well… I’ll get to that, I will.

I also scored a digital photo frame for my desk at work.  That’ll be cool once it’s loaded up with some pictures of Dear Wife and B.T. (and eventually of V.R., which is to say the coming baby brother).

One member of the family has a real talent – I should say Talent with a Capital-T – for quilting, and both Dear Wife and I got hand-made, personalized quilts.  Mine is a lovely and wonderful motley of blues, greens, browns and golds.  It is a work of art, and I like it quite a lot.  Plus, it’s already come in handy as the temperature in the house has been sometimes colder than I’d prefer.

But the single most awesome and incredible Christmas present this year I actually opened on Christmas Eve, a day early because Dear Wife was afraid it would get overshadowed.  There’s a story behind this, of course.

You see, as part of our ongoing Home Project, one thing we’ve done is to set up a craft-room of sorts.  In theory this will also someday house the office, so that it is a joint Office-Craftroom, but for now only the craft-room part of it is set-up.  Therein is now enshrined Dear Wife’s hand-me-down (but still quite excellent) sewing machine, and she has taken up learning to sew as another of her slate of crafty and creative hobbies.  (Dear Wife is a creative person at heart, although she’s told me before that she’s not creative, but I take as evidence the numerous creative activities which she has shown an interest in and chosen to pursue.)

And predictably, Dear Wife decided to use her new creative outlet to create Christmas presents.  The story as I understood it was that she was making a door-frame puppet theatre for B.T. to go with some puppets we were getting him, as well as a few other sewing-based gifts for other relatives.  And this story wasn’t exactly untrue – she did create the puppet theatre, but that project took substantially less of her time than she had led me to believe.  Because somewhere in there, she was working on one of the most awesome and geeky and loving gifts that a geeky dad could want.

A pair of matching father-and-son Super-Capes.


The super-capes come complete with super-cuffs and super-masks to protect our secret identities.  All three pieces are reversible, on one shide bright and shiny red with the Superman shield symbol emblazoned on the cape, the other black and green (for father and son, respectively) with custom-designed super-emblems reflective of their wearers.  (Mine is a D with a lightning bolt for Super-Daddy.) 

B.T. and I both love this gift.  And it ties in perfectly with those soundtracks I mentioned.  Because what happens when B.T. asks to put on the Batman or Superman soundtracks, which he does almost every day since Christmas?  This is coupled with a request that we each put on our super-capes and costumes and fly around the house being… well… Super.  (Fighting evil is a secondary aspect of our adventures.  Mostly, we just fly.)

As a fairly geeky dad, can I just say?  Flying around the house with a Super-cape?  Pure Awesome and Joy.

So that was my Christmas, and that’s at least part of an explanation for why I haven’t posted recently.

10 thoughts on “Auld Lang Syne

  1. And let me just say this to ward off any potential jokes: the funny spot under my arm appears to be a camera error, probably a mote of dust that caused an inopportune lense-flare. I am not a super-photoshopper with the time and tools to fix things like this, at least not at this time in my life.

  2. Gifts that feed one’s geek side are among the best of all. My parents’ knowledge of this contributed to a squeal-filled Christmas for me.
    The Dwarves’ song does stay with you, doesn’t it? While waiting for the midnight premier to begin, my friend and a couple of acquaintances made in line broke into a solemn rendition for the captive audience in the theater. Everyone there being “Hobbit” fans, the performance went over well. (:
    Happy New Year to you and the family!

    • It’s true, for us geek-inclined folks, feeding the geek is the warmest feeling of all.

      It sounds like you had a great experience at the Hobbit midnight showing. 😀 I haven’t been able to do a midnight movie in years, but I loved it back in the day, and the experience was always fun, being surrounded by fans with a mutual love for whatever it was we had come to see. Good times.

      • Indeed! This was my first-ever midnight movie, and what a way to start! The nine hours in the cold, I could have done without, but most everything else was phenomenal.

    • Thanks, and happy new year to you, too! And yes I think they’re pretty cool. I’ve really enjoyed running around the house in my cape, and it’s great that I have an excuse right now to do it. 😀

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