Writing Progress: Week Ending November 17, 2012

Another week that was surprisingly good on the wordcount front, all things considered:

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0 words
  • First Draft Wordcount: 1,180 words

Story of V:

  • Wordcount: 200 words

Grand Total: 1,380 words

I did at last hear back about my standing on the Super Secret Project.  And it was not unsurprising.  Which is why you no longer see that listed among my active projects this week.

Someday, I may revisit my plan for the Super Secret Project, and actually write the thing, even without a market for it.  For now, however, it will not be appearing in the anticipated essay anthology.

Of course, I had been excited about the prospect of writing this, and I’m disappointed by the result.  On the other hand, however, I’m relieved to know for certain, and to have the freedom to arrange my writing time (limited as it is) around other projects (namely the short story I started in the prior week, code-named “Story of V” for lack of a real title, and of course “Book of M”).

Speaking of “Book of M”, this week went fairly well.  It was the largest single-week wordcount I’ve made on “Book of M” in over two months.  And it felt good to get some of that writing down.  I managed to overcome another difficult transition element in the story.

I’ve said before and I’ll say again: managing transitions is probably the single biggest difficulty I’ve faced in writing this.  I mentioned last week the excruciating frustration of writing only very little bits at a time, all herky-jerky like.  Transitions are one of the biggest reasons I find this painful.  It’s hard to manage your transitions when you’re putting down so few words at a time.  It’s hard to even know where the transitions are.

So it is that I strongly suspect, when this thing is finished and looking for Beta readers… that it’ll be in a terrible and almost unreadable state.

I also worked a bit on the short story this week, but didn’t do much with it.  I had to spend a good bit of time thinking abou the story and what I wanted to accomplish with it and how I was going to get there.  So I didn’t have much forward progress.  I’m feeling my way toward the story I want to tell.

And that’s writing, for last week.  I expect this week will be somewhat more muted in my writing progress, for reasons that may be obvious. (Or they may not.)  We shall see how it goes.

Now then.  Tell me: how was your week?