The Visitor


The Deer in our yard

The Fawn walks past the gate to the backyard

We’ve had a little visitor wandering around our neighborhood, lately.  He’s a bit of a sad and lonely-looking fellow.  Several weeks ago I spied a pair of deer in an oversized front-yard not far from the Casa Chez Watkins (oversized enough to be called a small field): a mother and her fawn.  Later, a little over a week ago, I sall a solitary deer in the front yard (of regular size) a few houses down.  It was a small animal, but I only barely saw it from a distance, so I think it was a fawn.

Then a few days ago while Dear Wife and B.T. were out on a walk with our dog Shasta (and I was en route from work to home) they saw a deer.  B.T. was excited to tell me all about it.  “I saw a deer outside, daddy!”  I presumed it to be the same fawn I had seen recently.  (And I was so proud of little B.T. that he’d apparently learned the word “deer” after a single encounter.)

Yesterday, as I pull into the driveway at home, I spot him (or her, it must be said) again: this time in our very own front yard!  He (or she) was nibbling away at some grass.

I made my way quietly inside (choosing not to grab the recycling bin, reasoning that banging around the big plastic bin might spook the fawn).  Inside, B.T. was just about to start watching a little TV.  But his show hadn’t started yet (that is, he was waiting for Netflix to finish loading), so I excitedly asked him: “Hey, B.T., do you want to go outside and see a deer?”

The proposition excited the little tyke, and he jumped down from the couch.  (He warned mommy not to start the show without him.)  I scooped him up and we headed outside.  The deer had passed through a few bushes marking one edge or our yard and was now down in the side yard.  I managed to catch a few pictures on my cell phone (while holding B.T. in one arm.

The deer wasn’t too interested in us (he or she put on a brave face, tried to ignore us, but moved slowly away whenever we crept too close).  Later, talking to Dear Wife she suggested something bad may have happened to its mother.  It dawned on me that it was probably from the small deer family I had seen weeks ago, and I felt sad for the little fellow. It was like the plot of “Bambi” were playing out in my own backyard – literally. 

Did I mention that I live near a major metropolitan area – in the suburbs, mind you, but a good half-hour’s drive at least from the rural or the wild?

Here’s one more shot of our friendly neighborhood Little Prince of the Forest.

The Deer in the side yard

The Deer in the side yard

8 thoughts on “The Visitor

    • My cellphone has a pretty crappy camera… which in this case had the unintended effect of making it look like an impressionistic photograph almost as if I’d intentionally applied a Photoshop filter to that effect. It didn’t help that I was holding B.T. in one arm so my photographing hand was a little unsteady.

      > Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2012 21:32:17 +0000 > To: >

    • I think deer are typically skittish, aren’t they? This fellow seemed, indeed, comfortable and nonplussed by comparison. On an entirely separate note, I’ve just learned that meaning I understand by the word “nonplussed” is not the classical definition… I’ve always understood (since childhood in fact) to mean “not easily bothered, unimpressed, keeping-one’s-cool” sort of meaning. Apparently, supposedly, that’s wrong, and yet I can’t say I’ve ever seen the word used any other way.

      > Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2012 21:44:32 +0000 > To: >

      • It’s funny… everything I just read suggested that the change in meaning was a chiefly US thing (but I guess that Canadian English and US English have a lot of cross-breeding), and also seemed to think it was a relatively recent phenomenon (most seemed to discuss this in terms of the last dozen-ish years). But I’ve been familiar with this meaning of the word since my middle-grade years at least, since roughly the early nineties. I guess this is where I can put on my “very amateur linguist” hat and talk about linguistic prescriptivism vs. descriptivism… and side with the descriptivists on this one… I’m not about to suggest to anyone that the word be used in a way with which I’m not at all familiar…

        > Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 16:20:11 +0000 > To: >

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