Writing Progress: Week Ending August 25, 2012

At least I can say I got a little bit of writing done:

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0 words
  • First Draft Wordcount: 340 words

Grand Total: 340 words

340 words is barely above my “worth the time to count up and report it” threshold.  But even if it’s barely, it is above the threshold, so I’m reporting it.

The challenge, this week, in writing was dealing with what happens when characters collide with your outline.  As in, last week I’d gotten myself to this exciting part of the story that I’d been looking forward to for so long.  And then, the one time I managed to sit down and writing this week, I was left wondering: “Okay, so, given the turn of events last time, how do my two main characters react?”  And it was tough reasoning through that and figuring it out.  I’m still reasoning through that and figuring it out (most of it in my head, right now, and not so much on the virtual page). 

Basically, where I ended things last week was kind of out of left field.  For the primary protagonist, she had no basis of understanding what had just happened at all.  No experience to tell her whether to be afraid or put on a brave face, or curious, or what.  The other main character knows enough to be worried under normal conditions… but his circumstances are unique (such that he probably shouldn’t have to worry about anything), so what, precisely, would he be worried about?  The two characters have their own unique outlooks that make this peculiar turn of events a less-than-straightforward sort of thing.  Whereas, my outline dealt with it very simply and straightforward (which is, basically, to say in one line “and then there was an airship”; because when you’re looking to flavor liberally with steampunk you can never have too many airships). 

That aside, dear Wife and I actually spent a decent amount of time working on one of the sub-projects of the Home Project Phase III, and we also had a decent amount of work getting ready for some out-of-town family that was visiting over the weekend (I made plans to barbecue, which is something I’ve come to love doing this summer; the barbecue came out great, by-the-way).  Oh yeah, Zelda also happened at least once (okay, maybe more than once) because I’ve had a hankerin’ lately that I hadn’t had much time to satisfy.  (I’m still working my way through “Twilight Princess”, which is a great game; but then I’m a pretty big Zelda fan, so I would say that.) 

I honestly did weigh the pros and cons, there.  The internal dialog went something like this:

“If we play Zelda, then there’s no chance in heck we’ll get a half-decent wordcount this week.”

“You’re right, Responsible Stephen.  I should write instead of playing Zelda.”

“Awww, who’m I kidding?  It’s been ages since we played Zelda.  Let’s play.”

“Thanks, Responsible Stephen!  You rock!”

And then I played.

I think I scratched the itch well enough that Responsible Stephen will be slightly more responsible this week and convince that if I get free time, I should spend more of it writing than playing.

So, anyway, that was my week.  Now it’s your turn.  How was yours?