Writing Progress: Week Ending August 4, 2012

So the Olympics are a thing that happens:

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0 words
  • First Draft Wordcount: 467 words

Grand Total: 467 words

Dear Wife and I largely took the week off from most big “Home Project Phase III” stuff to be done.  That doesn’t mean we’re done  – not by a long shot – but enough of the heavy-lifting has been done that we could afford to relax a little.  We’ll likely re-approach the Home Project with renewed vigor this week and next.

So, you’d think that means I had time to write.  On a technical level, you’d be right.

But instead, the Olympics happened (and are still happening).  And it’s hard to cheer on my national team in whatever event NBC deigns to air at the same time as I’m trying to immerse myself in the sometimes dark, sometimes magical post-apocalyptic world of “The Book of M”.  More often than not last week the former happened rather than the latter.  And what I did write is of questionable quality.

And since the Olympics are a two-week event, and since I’m anticipating getting a lot more done on the Home Project his week, I expect writing productivity will not recover this week.   When free time comes, if I’m not working on the Home Project, I expect I’ll be rooting for my team, instead.

How was your week?  Get any writing done?  Watched the Olympics instead?