Posting When I Can, and Not When I Can’t

So, I don’t have anything to talk about today.  Not really, anyway.  I mean, I’ve got a couple posts in draft – like a long-gestating article on the subject of the Fantasy genre with a lot of links – but nothing that’s ready to post.  So you get a non-post today, instead.

I’ve tried to maintain a somewhat consistent schedule, though that schedule has changed a lot over the course of my blog’s history.  Originally, in the early days, I tried to keep a daily schedule.  And I did a really good job for the first 8 months of my blog’s history.  But, for me, with a day job, and a family, and life intervening all the time… well… it was unsustainable.

Since I gave up on daily posting, I’ve never had a consistent posting schedule.  I’ve tried to keep things fairly regular – and I’ve tried to support this habit by having a few regularly recurring series of posts – but it’s just not possible for me to be consistent like clockwork.

These days, I aim for 3 posts a week – typically on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when I actually manage it.  My aim is rarely square, though.  Often I end up with only two posts a week – this happens a lot when my regular Monday (which used to be a regular Sunday post, but slipped to Monday because Sunday wasn’t really doable for me) post is late and falls on a Tuesday.  Then it’s often Tuesday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday.  Sometimes the Monday post comes late and I still manage three posts in the week – something like Tuesday-Thursday-Friday or Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday or something like that.  Very rarely I have a one-post-week.  Not much can be said about that.

This particular week the vagaries of travel and access to my information meant my regular Monday post slipped to Wednesday.  And… I just didn’t have anything ready to go or easy to write up as a second post this week.  Thinking about that got me thinking about my posting schedule… and that became this post.

So there you have it: I post when I can, and I not when I can’t.  My goal is to hit 3 posts a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  But I won’t always make the goal.  So you’ll see me only as often as I’m able to post.  With that, then, I’ll leave you until next week… Adieu.

8 thoughts on “Posting When I Can, and Not When I Can’t

  1. Well it’s ok. I do like 3 posts a week not more. Life always gets in the way so… better be prepared for anything! Bloggers don’t need to write everyday to be successful 🙂

    • That’s true… but the conventional wisdom says that they do, and barring that says that they should at least stay consistent if they don’t post every day, and post the same days each week. I’m just conceding the fact that I don’t do either, since that was on my mind.

  2. Oh Stephen, I can still remember those days when you were doing daily posts and you sort of lamented in jest that you were probably just talking to yourself :-). You were an MBA student then and an expecting father of BT. I still have some of your earliest posts in my file which I was able to open and reread last week. (Yup, I feel smug being a bonafide original fan of yours. :-))
    Well, look at you now. You’ve certainly come a long way and I’m still one of your followers. The fact that this blog is still around proves how much writing plays a substantial part in your life. Please don’t fret about the consistency of your writing schedule. Your readers aren’t going anywhere. We’ll stay put right here waiting for you. I confess I get a little sad though when you’ve been gone for a while. So please try to come back very soon. 🙂

    • Heh. It still tickles me, this idea of having a fan. 🙂 Thanks for sticking with me! And don’t worry, I’ll still be here, blogging, as often as I can. This post is just makes explicit what has been the underlying reality for a while now: I post when I can, and have no true, regular schedule.

  3. I’ve always posted once a week. It seems to be a good schedule for me (going on seven years now). I do mid-week posts when somwthing comes to me.

    Anothet factor is comments. The fact that you has less time to post this week may have been related to the fact that the “Gender Gap” post got a lot of thoughtful comments, which then required thoughtful replies. With finite blogging time, I would think that would have an effect on new posts.

    Of course, it’s great when a post gets that reaction, but it doesn’t add more hours onto the day.

    • That’s an excellent point, actually: realistically speaking there is a limited set of overall “content production” time in a given week, regardless of whether that time is spent generating content in the form of “new posts” or content in the form of “comments” on a blog (and further regardless of whether those are comments on my own blog or comments on someone else’s blog).

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