Posting When I Can, and Not When I Can’t

So, I don’t have anything to talk about today.  Not really, anyway.  I mean, I’ve got a couple posts in draft – like a long-gestating article on the subject of the Fantasy genre with a lot of links – but nothing that’s ready to post.  So you get a non-post today, instead.

I’ve tried to maintain a somewhat consistent schedule, though that schedule has changed a lot over the course of my blog’s history.  Originally, in the early days, I tried to keep a daily schedule.  And I did a really good job for the first 8 months of my blog’s history.  But, for me, with a day job, and a family, and life intervening all the time… well… it was unsustainable.

Since I gave up on daily posting, I’ve never had a consistent posting schedule.  I’ve tried to keep things fairly regular – and I’ve tried to support this habit by having a few regularly recurring series of posts – but it’s just not possible for me to be consistent like clockwork.

These days, I aim for 3 posts a week – typically on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when I actually manage it.  My aim is rarely square, though.  Often I end up with only two posts a week – this happens a lot when my regular Monday (which used to be a regular Sunday post, but slipped to Monday because Sunday wasn’t really doable for me) post is late and falls on a Tuesday.  Then it’s often Tuesday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday.  Sometimes the Monday post comes late and I still manage three posts in the week – something like Tuesday-Thursday-Friday or Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday or something like that.  Very rarely I have a one-post-week.  Not much can be said about that.

This particular week the vagaries of travel and access to my information meant my regular Monday post slipped to Wednesday.  And… I just didn’t have anything ready to go or easy to write up as a second post this week.  Thinking about that got me thinking about my posting schedule… and that became this post.

So there you have it: I post when I can, and I not when I can’t.  My goal is to hit 3 posts a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  But I won’t always make the goal.  So you’ll see me only as often as I’m able to post.  With that, then, I’ll leave you until next week… Adieu.