Lloyd Alexander The Documentary: A Kickstarter

I’ve talked about Lloyd Alexander before, and praised his work often.  I’ve told the story on this blog of how it was Alexander’s “Chronicles of Prydain” series of books that first introduced me to the Fantasy genre and inspired me to become a writer.

Given how important those books were in my own development as a reader and a writer, I was delighted to discover the Lloyd Alexander Documentary project on Kickstarter.

I’ve never given to a Kickstarter project before.  But naturally, I felt the urge to kick in on this one.  Giving to this project felt like an opportunity at some kind of karmic give-back (for someone who doesn’t believe in karma in a strictly religious sense, that is).  And now, having stepped up to that particular plate, I thought this was something I should also pass along.

They’ve got until July 1st to raise enough funds for the project to go forward.  So if you have any interest in Lloyd Alexander or his works, maybe you’d be interested in taking a look at this project…