Writing Progress: Week Ending May 5, 2012

Not a good week, but a week that needed to happen:

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0 words
  • First Draft Wordcount: 0 words

Grand Total: 0 words

Yeah.  I don’t have much to say.  Home Project Phase II hit hard this week.  As I knew it would.  Pretty much all available free time went into tasks related to the Home Project.  Things will probably ease up a little this week, but I still expect it to be a pretty low week, writing-wise.  The week after might see some return to normalcy.

Consequently, I just don’t have much to say, this week.  In lieu of that, why don’t you tell me about your week, in writing and otherwise?

13 thoughts on “Writing Progress: Week Ending May 5, 2012

  1. Oh, um, me?

    Well, I’m in a quandary. About 80k+ into my novel and am just about wrapping it up when I lost my mojo. I’ll get it back, just not sure when.

    Hey – cool progress bar. I will have to get me one…

    • Well, yeah, you (since it seems you read the post). 😉 But hey… if you’re at 80k+ words… you’re in the home stretch. It’s like you’ve rounded third base already: there’s no time to stop now, you’ve got to keep going toward Home Base!

      • Thanks. I tried to get there last night, and I’m very close. I think I’m over the hump, legs are aching, arms are reaching, I’m leaping into the air…and land flat on my face. 😉

        I’ll finish. It may not be tomorrow, but I’ll finish. Good luck finding time to squeeze in some writing.

  2. So it seems like it’s a rough week all around. My sole joy of this week is a friend who keeps asking me how it’s coming. He’s not allowing me to forget that there’s this novel that I’ve been working up to and it’s now time to start writing. Not sure why I haven’t started, but whatever the reason it has to leave and go elsewhere this week. The first words must come, even if they are at first halting and broken.

    • Yeah, you should listen to your friend. You’ve got your plan, your outline is done, right? Then it’s time to get cracking! The sooner you embrace the notion that your first words most likely will be halting and broken, the sooner you can move past that concern and get started. Great first lines are rarely written in the first draft. Then again, you might be a genius, and your first words will be brilliant. Either way – whatever the case – the evidence suggests you should go ahead and write those first words, because you can’t write your second and third words until you’ve done the first ones.

      • Good advice. I found it very helpful to read some of the History of Mddle-Earth books. Tolkien went through a lot of false starts, wrong turns, and dead ends to get to Lord of the Rings.

  3. I had a pretty good week. Finished Part Four and started Part Five of my current story. 21,223 words total so far (I just adapted my little PHP script that I use for printing to show total word count, not just the count for each part). The weird thing is that each part is shorter than the ones before. I’m not complaining, I had just thought they’d be mostly the same length. Oh, well.

    I’m finally introducing the character I was dithering about. She’s not in there yet, but her name is in the title for this part, so I’m committed (one of the great things about serial publication — once you commit to something, you have to move forward). This part will be the tricky one, since it’s all dialogue. I have to make sure it doesn’t drag. The next part will be all action, so at least there will be a balance.

  4. In addition to dashing off a fun quickie story, I finally got to some chapters in my novel that have been a long time coming, and am within sight of the big blow I’ll have to deal my protagonist. The poor guy has kind of been taking hits throughout the book, but the one coming up is the knockout punch — the one that should send both characters *and* readers reeling, if my prose can do it justice.
    As far as the number of chapters to go, I’m not far from the finish line. With diligence (which I’m not exhibiting much of today… naughty writer), I could have it done by the end of next week. Last chance to get my affairs in order, me: Tomorrow, I’m forging ahead!

    • Well, keep on taking it one step at a time, you know? The hard parts of a novel like that – they’re the most fun for me to write. That’s when I can’t tear myself away from the computer screen because I’m so immersed in the world I’ve created and I’m so absorbed by the conflict of the story. And hey… short stories happen.

    • Good luck. With one publication already under your belt, I’ve no doubt you’re at the beginning of an awesome budding career – whether this short story makes the cut or the next…

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