Writing Progress: Week Ending April 28, 2012

Frankly, this was actually unexpected:

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0 words
  • First Draft Wordcount: 1,239 words

Grand Total: 1,239 words

I mean, for a regular week, that’s perhaps not a very exciting number for me to have finished in writing. But for this week past… I’m amazed at myself.

The Home Project Phase II got into full swing this past week, and most evenings were dedicated to getting work done on that.  And it has been exhausting.  There’s still more work to do this week on Phase II.

Despite that, I found time on two separate evenings this past week to focus on writing.  And so now I’m a good distance into the third chapter of the book.  I’m back in the main character’s POV, now, and I’ve hit some pretty emotionally difficult and complex terrain.  I’m basically digging through the main character’s backstory, as it were.  All of this contributes to who she is, why she acts the way she acts.  And it informs the direction of the plot from here.

Unlike the first two chapters, which were both single scenes over 4,000 words in length each, it’s looking like the third chapter is going to be two distinct scenes, or possibly three, of about 1,300 to 1,500 each.  Or at least, thefirst scene of the chapter is likely to be that long, as I’m nearly done with that scene.  It is perhaps still a bit premature to say how long the rest of the scenes in this chapter will go.

Incidentally… as this progresses, I’ll eventually be updating the progress bar out to the right.  I’m updating my progress as I go, of course.  But right now it’s based on my initial goal of 125,000 words.  It’s hard to say exactly how long the finished first draft will actually be.  But I think by the time I’m 5 chapters in, I’ll have a better sense of the length of the story I’m telling, so I’ll be updating it the draft length goal once I’ve put 5 chapters behind me.  I’ll probably update it again when I get to 10 chapters, and then maybe again at 20.  For now, it stays at 125,000.

Well… that was my week.  How was yours?

10 thoughts on “Writing Progress: Week Ending April 28, 2012

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  2. I finally managed to sit down, focus, and get that first draft done. It’s about 4500 words long. It will need a lot of editing, but at least I have something to start with now. I’m relieved! I wasn’t sure I had enough story there…

    • Excellent. It’s funny, but I envy your 4,500 word first draft length. That’s a highly marketable short-story length compared to my typical 10-13 thousand word novelettes. Nobody buys novelettes… 😦

      • I’d rather have more so that I could cut back instead of having to add in! There was a word count limit (4k – 6k) so I had to shoot hopefully for something in between.

        And yes, novelettes are difficult… though perhaps a likely candidate for self-pub some day?

      • Heh, I’m the opposite. I’d rather be able to add (because I usually end up having to add anyway) than have to cut. As for the novelettes… here’s my current thoughts on them, vis-a-vis self-publishing. I’m going to sit on them, for now. I may even try to get them published in a regular market at some future point. In the mean time, I keep writing more short stories, some of which will be novelettes. When I’ve accumulated at least 75,000 words worth of short stories and novelettes that I consider to be of a sufficiently high quality, I’ll think about packaging them up as an ebook anthology if I haven’t figured out anything better to do with them. Until then, I don’t see the value in putting them out individually as ebooks because the data I’ve seen suggests that individual short stories and novelettes don’t sell particularly well on ebooks – so I’m not sure it’s worth the investment.

  3. Well, Theresa has the best news. Congratulations on finishing that first draft!

    My week was pretty good. Part four of Stevie One is up to 2,395 words (18,860 words total so far), but more exciting is that I have a rough plan of the whole story, including a list of the rest of the parts (subject to change, of course).

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  5. Congratulations on a good week! I’ve done little to nothing. Just started a new job, but I’m going to have to write despite that. Somehow now that I am as probably as ready as I am going to be, I’m hesitating to set down those first words. I need to outline, dream the scene into images from facts, and then write it. This is my goal for this week. Will hopefully make time today to begin and have the scene written by the end of the week.

    • Well I’m a believer in Outlines (I fall mostly on the “planner” side of the planner/pantser divide), so I think if you can put together a solid outline for your project that’s real writing work. So good luck with that!

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