Writing Progress: Week Ending April 21, 2012

No one could possibly have foreseen this:

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0 words
  • First Draft Wordcount: 0 words

Grand Total: 0 words

What happened?  Well… there’s the “Home Project Phase II” I’ve been talking about.  That started happening this week past.  It took out a couple of evenings.  A couple more were consumed by Dear Wife and I alternately either playing board games together, watching TV together, and such (i.e. what I classify either as “Relationship Time” and “Family Time”).  And then there were the out-of-town guests who were visiting, such as my dear Grandmother and one of my aunts whom I haven’t seen in several years, and also my own parents (i.e. the Grandparents of little B.T.).  Stuff like that… it adds up.  When it was all added up last week… well… I never even turned on my computer for the purposes of writing.  I came close a couple of times… but it was late in the evening, and I figured when I deducted between 10-15 minutes for my laptop to load up and for me to open all of the relevant files and programs… then I’d have so little time left to write before I’d want to go to bed that it wasn’t worth the hassle of going through the start-up screens.  (May I just say: I love writing; I hate staring at my computer and waiting for it to let me do something productive with it.)  So at those times I just picked up a book instead.

This week coming up, I don’t have the out-of-town family visiting.  But I expect “Home Project Phase II” to ramp up into high-gear.  Because of that, too, there’s actually likely to beslightly less “Relationship & Family Time” of the sort I mentioned above (I’m not completely sure on that).  So we’ll see if that leaves open an evening where writing may happen.  But as of now, I’m fully expecting this week to land at another “0 words” or close there-to.  Best case scenario, writing-wise, is I get one free evening and manage to churn out maybe 600-750 words on the top-side.

So that’s where things are in my writing world right now.  How about yours?