More on Author Marketing

There’s a wise post here by author Robison Wells (the brother of author Dan Wells, one of the co-creators of the Writing Excuses podcast and BFF of Epic Fantasy superstar Brandon Sanderson) on the subject of Author Marketing, written in response to a post here that is basically a wave of authors getting rather vitriolic about doing anything that smacks of putting effort into their marketing.  And that second post was really just the comment stream for this post, wherein a few marketing types offer a few suggestions to writers on some basic things they can be doing to market their book.

Now, I’ve written about marketing before (here and here and here).  Unlike Robison, I have not worked on marketing or branding campaigns for major national product brands, nor have I ever worked directly in a marketing capacity.  (My business career took a turn in a decidedly number-crunching direction, and so some of my work has supported marketers but was not in itself marketing.)  So all of my education on the topic has been mostly theoretical – that is to say I took a fair number of classes on marketing throughout my business education, and made it one of my areas of focus in getting my MBA.  It’s not hands-on knowledge or experience, which is perhaps the best kind, but it’s still worth something.

The thing is… what’s missing from all of these posts and counter-posts and epic-whining on the subject of author marketing and author branding and so on and so forth is… well… there are two things missing. Continue reading