Writing Progress: Week Ending March 24, 2012

I just don’t have anything witty or pithy to say about this week past:

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0 words
  • First Draft Wordcount: 650 words

Grand Total: 650 words

So, yeah.  Not a terribly good week, writing-wise.  I am not terribly surprised.  Last week was a really good one.  It often seems to me that good weeks are typically followed by less-good weeks.  That observation, in itself, is not particularly witty or pithy either.

I’ve got no real explanation for why I didn’t get much writing done this past week.  Little things here and there – no one significant thing reared it’s head to put a pause on writing.

Anyway, with last week’s work, I finished what I’d considered to be the first chapter of the book.  For those keeping score at home, that puts chapter one at a “finished” wordcount – albeit in first draft form – of about 4,300 words.  As I opined last week, this puts it on par with my general expectations for chapter length.

The upshot of all of this?  I’m handily smacking down the rate at which I wrote that novel-that-I’ve-been-writing-since-forever.  During the latter half of my college years and the first years after – some four years – I wrote about 24 chapters (out of a planned 35-40) of the last extent iteration of that book.  That’s an average of an approximately 4,250-word chapter every two months or so.  I’ve done that much in first draft, now, in the last three weeks.

So yes.  That’s something at least.  I may be slow.  But I’m doing myself one better.

How was your week, in writing and otherwise?