I am not a lawyer*, but I do have some appreciation for the legal environment of business (need I mention, again, the MBA?).  You don’t have to be either to have an interest in the outcome of the US Justice Department’s recent decision to sue Apple and 5 of the Big-6 publishers for collusion.

I linked to John Scalzi’s post on the topic quite intentionally.  If I may, I’d like to quote him on the subject:

The question of whose side I am on is simple and obvious, to me at least: I’m on my side. My side wants my work available to readers in a way that that is affordable and easy to get in whatever format they prefer while at the same time allowing me to make a living doing what I do. In a larger sense, I’m also on the side of other writers, so that the end result of all this punching back and forth is not that authors are obliged to take contractual or retail positions that are detrimental to their interests, either as businesspeople or rights holders. Basically, my side doesn’t want anyone else to screw up what I see is the actual goal of all of this as a working writer, namely, connecting my words to readers, and their cash to me.

I, too, am on my side, and on the side of writers and of readers.  To say that the emergence of this case gives me pause would be quite accurate. Continue reading