Tidbits of Inspiration: Mysterious Island

The deep history of science fiction is replete with stories of strange islands and mysterious, hidden valleys where creatures thought long exctinct still roam the earth. 

Sometimes… the truth is as crazy as the fiction. 

In the lonely Tasman Sea, between Australia and New Zealand, there is an island… a sharp rock jutting up from the ocean.  And it is a mysterious island… for there, researchers have discovered that a species of rare walking stick thought extinct for half a century has in fact survived.

It’s an amazing discovery.  Which is why I thought it worth mentioning in today’s “Tidbits of Inspiration”.  Read about here on the blog of NPR science correspondant Robert Krulwich.

It’s a classic pulp-era science fiction story come marvelously true.

8 thoughts on “Tidbits of Inspiration: Mysterious Island

    • **Shocked Gasp** You’ve never heard of “The Land that Time Forgot”? Or “Mysterious Island”? (Some other oldies-but-goodies: “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “The Lost World”.) Admittedly… I haven’t actually read most of these (except a bad translation of Verne’s Journey…). But I’ve seen various film adaptations of pretty much all of them. But yes. Giant bugs. Shudder.

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