Alphas & Betas

Author Mary Robinette Kowal in a recent blog post linked to the blog of one of her readers.  The topic of interest?  Alpha readers

Many of you are already familiar with the term “Beta reader”.  The Alpha reader is the flip side to that coin, as Laura Christensen explains in her post, which is worth a read.  Beta readers, as you know, help authors refine their work by identifying where things aren’t working, clumsy language, and various other problems in a manuscript.  Alpha readers also help authors, but their focus is more specifically on the story, plot, and characterization.  Alpha readers are the first readers: they provide the first feedback to an author on whether a story is working.

Whenever possible, I try to use a combined Alpha/Beta approach to getting feedback on my writing.  I like a first response to help me figure out problems with my story, the story’s structure, and the characters.  And then I like to get a second sounding to help me further refine once I’ve got the structure to my liking.  I’ve read of some authors who take that even further and hand off later drafts to Gamma readers.  That’s pretty thorough, and I’m sure their manuscripts are all the better for the extra attention.  And all of this, of course, is before the story sees the eyes of an editor.

Reading the post left me feeling more than a little guilty. Continue reading