Outline Done

Just a super-short post today: last night I finally finished the outline for “Book of M”. 

It’s over 13,000 words long, in total, split between two documents (one is about 5,600 words long and the other is just shy of 8,000 words).  The longer document overlaps the shorter document, using about 275 words to cover the same territory that the 5,600 words covered.  I was trying to be more concise in my outline – I wanted to finish the outline faster.  But then I added another 7,500+ words to get from there to the end of the novel, so it wasn’t a lot more concise, and it still took a lot of time.

I’ve learned a bit about outlining, I think – and I don’t think I’d follow the exact same outlining journey I followed here again.  Two documents with so much overlap… it doesn’t make a lot of senseBut it was definitely a useful exercise… and I have a much better idea of where the story is going now, and how it ends.  I’m feeling pretty good about that.

Next step?  I’m jumping into the draft.

I’m still going to do the timeline and probably also the transfer of my outline notes into a yWriter project.  But I’ve been looking forward to writing the rough draft for months.  Now I’m here.  It’s time.  I’ll just take little breaks from rough draft writing now and again to do more work on my notes, timeline, and other supporting materials.  So, rough draft of “Book of M”: here I come!