Writing Progress: Week Ending March 3, 2012

Last week, the tide was going out.  This week, we were at low-tide:

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0 words

Grand Total: 0 words

Technically speaking, my wordcount for the week wasn’t actually 0 words.  I wrote a very little on Saturday.  But the amount of work I got done was so little that it wasn’t worth the effort to count it up in time for this week’s writing progress report.  So I figured I’d just count it up for the next week’s post.  I estimate it was around about 100 words or maybe a little less.

But anyway.  Not a busy week, writing-wise.  This week, Dear Wife and I finished up most of the work on our ongoing home project.  We basically reached a point where we can virtually tie a bow on “Phase I”, though we still have no idea when we’ll progress with “Phase II”.  We were basically done by Wednesday, but the past few weeks have been non-stop, with super-busy weeks on both our day-jobs, as well as all the work on the home project.  So when we were ready to call it done?  We just crashed.

Over the weekend we started to see signs of a return to normalcy for us.  The stress and accumulated fatigue of the past few weeks began slowly to melt away.  All that is good news for my writing, and bodes well for my progress this coming week.  I hope to at last finish my outline this week.  Then this week or next, maybe I’ll actually start with the first draft.  I’m very much looking forward to it.

Before I commence with the draft, I’m contemplating a short diversion or two.  One is to pull together all my notes and fashion a timeline for the book… Pursuant to the results of my last request for input on the subject, it’ll likely be something simple in Excel.  The second diversion would be the transfer of the relevant notes from my outline into yWriter (I’ve decided not to opt for a non-free software solution at this time, since none of the non-free packages has everything I’m looking for).  I’m not yet sure if it will be a valuable use of my time, but I’m interested to see whether it might be useful.  The first diversion I figure will take me a couple hours.  The second… it’s harder to be sure, but I’d be willing to put money on it taking longer, which is why I’m more tenuous on whether I want to do it.

I might opt, instead, to start putting some words down in a first draft, just to say I did, then go back and transfer some of my notes into yWriter…

Or just to write the thing and be done with this whole outlining thing…