Writing Progress: Week Ending February 18, 2012

My wordcount is back up again, this week, despite another tough week of work and home projects:

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 2,040 words

Grand Total: 2,040 words

First of all… apologies to any readers who are actually looking forward to these little weekly updates of mine.  A combination of the local (US) holiday on Monday, which was spent mostly immersed in the afore- (and oft-) mentioned home projects, and a very tough day at work have left my blogging time somewhat constrained.

As for the writing?  It was a good week.  I finished the last of the major character bios that I needed to work on.  It became necessary to write it up when I realized I was stuck in the overall outline trying to figure out how to end that major character’s story arc.  So, I solved that plot problem, and I gave the character what I hope is a fitting ending for his arc.  And then I made the necessary adjustments to the outline, adding new scenes for the character and trying to include sufficient foreshadowing.

This puts me one important step closer to tying up this outline and calling it finished.  I’m now poised to face down the final climactic moment of the book in the week (or two) ahead.

All I can say is: outlining is a lot harder than I anticipated it being.

So tell me, then, how was your writing week?