Writing Progress: Week Ending February 4, 2012

Sometimes… life intervenes.

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0 words

Grand Total: 0 words

If I were a professional writer, this might not be such a good thing.  But I am not a professional writer – not yet, at least.

And, well, sometimes your furry, four-legged friend gets into trouble, necessitating an emergency visit to the vet.  Sometimes you have deep, philosophical and introspective conversations with your significant other.  And sometimes the day job gets busy, and you work an extra hour or more almost every day of the week.  And sometimes all of those things happen all in the same week.

And hey, when that happens, you count your blessings.

But yes, poor Shasta got into some kind of trouble – Dear Wife and I are not sure exactly what happened – and injured one of her back paws, which pretty much killed one evening’s worth of writing (and this was after one of those long days at work).  Later, Dear Wife and I had an evening-long conversation about our hopes and plans for the future and about what we want for our family.  It was a conversation with a slightly shorter sequel later in the week.  And long days at the day job just left Dear Wife and I both mentally and physically exhausted.

I left a little wiggle room in my goals for the year – an escape clause on my writing productivity that gave me 7 “writing-free weeks” in the year.  I guess I can consider this one of them.  When I did that, however, I had originally anticipating using those weeks for various planned home projects that Dear Wife and I would be engaged in.  And it was our every intent to be working on a home project this week.  But our mutual exhaustion this week meant we did very little on that project until the weekend.  We got a lot done over the weekend, but the week itself was pretty much a bust both for writing and for our home project.

Of course, this means that my reset Goal #2 for the year was missed again.  I’m not going to reset that goal again, just yet.  I want to see what the new week has in store for me.  I expect Dear Wife and I are going to try to work double-time on the home project to make up for lost time last week.  Beyond that, I just can’t say yet whether even to expect any writing time this week.

So that was my week in not writing.  How was your week – in writing or otherwise?