The Rules of Magic…?

Here’s a link that I need to take a closer look at, myself, when there’s time.  You may have already seen this yourself…

Geek-friendly website io9 has done the hard work of codifying all the rules of magic, as they are manifest across multiple versions of reality.  Now you’ll know what it takes to cast that crucial spell no matter where you find yourself in time and space – or in the pages of a book.

2 thoughts on “The Rules of Magic…?

    • I know what you mean… I was wishing it wasn’t in an image form but rather an HTML table or something so I could copy/paste it into a Word doc or spreadsheet for easier consumption. The format made it hard to read properly (especially to keep track of the column headings once you’ve scrolled down). But the few minutes I was able to look at it, it was pretty cool.

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